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Pauline Durban

Pauline Durban
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 Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

 My name is Pauline Durban, the proud founder of Covered Perfectly, a company dedicated to providing flattering, comfortable clothing for  mature women. I’m originally from England and moved to America in 1992. California is my home.

 This is my story…

 You know that feeling… when you are going through your closet, trying desperately to find something to wear? That was me and I was becoming more and more frustrated. 

 The sleeves on my tops didn't cover “that” part of my arms. Of the few tops that did cover my arms, they didn’t cover my tummy!

 I wanted to wear something that made me feel attractive, and feel confident that I was showing the best parts of me. However, finding the right flattering women’s tops was becoming a huge challenge.

 Instead of settling for the limited women’s fashion available for women of a certain age, I took matters into my own hands, and Covered Perfectly was born. An online clothing store, dedicated to fashion for women over 50,  fashion for women over 60 and beyond! I knew I could do this!

 In May 2012, at the age of 56, I invested my life savings into Covered Perfectly and began designing women’s fashion, focusing on fabric that would feel soft against your skin.  I came accross MicroModal, which is our staple fabric. It's super-soft, luxurious and oh so comfortable. It's also a breathable fabric, which is important when we are having power surges. 

Was it scary? You bet it was! As a single woman, I had no one to fall back on. I went through all the “what ifs”. What if I’m wrong? What if no one likes them? What if no one buys them? The doubts and second guessing went on and on but with the help of an excellent support group, I pushed forward!

 Covered Perfectly was launched on May 5th 2013 and I’m happy to report and very grateful that mature women, of all shapes and sizes love them and have welcomed the concept with open arms.

Every week we receive emails from customers, raving about their tops and the excellent customer service. Many have written reviews, which you will find on the details page of each design. 

I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way, who have helped me get the word out. You can meet some of them on the “blog” .

It was important  to use age appropriate models, who wants to see  clothes modeled by girls in their twenties. All of our models are over 40, most are women over 50 and 60. All beautiful, all real women!

The line started with tops…now we have a women's online clothing store that offers dresses, skirts and much more. There really is something for everyone. 

Blessed doesn’t even come close to how I feel! With the support of our customers that buy over and over again, Covered Perfectly continues to grow, which allows us to give you more of what you want.

You will find quality women's clothing, made in America, at affordable prices. You can't beat that! They will last you a long time and are great investment pieces. Be sure to check out the Complete Collection.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. 

Happy Shopping!


P.S. All the tops are made in the US. We even offer FREE shipping on orders over $47 in the US. Returns are always free in the US on the original order, worldwide shipping is also available.

P.P.S. Covered Perfectly started targeting women over 50 however: I had a lot of younger women contact me (over 40) so we included you too...whatever age you are, there's a design for you.  



When Covered Perfectly was launched it was dedicated to fashion for women over 50. It didn’t take long for women over 40 to contact us and ask “what about us”. Not wanted to leave them out we reduced the age group that we target. Of course, there’s also fashion for women over 60 and fashion for women over 70. Looking beautiful never gets old, we all want to look fabulous no matter our age. Covered Perfectly is an America Company, everything is made in Los Angeles. I knew there was a need for fashion for mature woman and I’m happy you stumbled upon our online women’s clothing store. Thank you for supporting this women owned business. You will find women’s tops, pencil skirts, jackets, women’s chiffon vests and more items are being added all the time. A soft fabric is important to older skin. You will love the MicroModal it's soft, luxurious and oh so comfortable. If you are more of a print person, you will find them here. Plenty of animal prints too. Or goal is to provide quality clothing, made in the USA designed for those of us who want to be covered while still looking attractive. Happy shopping.