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Introducing the Top Selling Designs of 2017

When I first started Covered Perfectly back in 2013, I wasn't sure if an online women's clothing store, dedicating fashion for women over 40 and way beyond was going to work. I'm happy to report that we are still going strong, thanks to all the amazing women have embraced us. Thank you.

At the end of each year I like to look back and see what the best selling items are here at Covered Perfectly. Here's a run down of the top ten selling items.


The Long Sleeved Simple Comfort

This one kind of surprised me. Although it is very popular, it's seasonal so to see it in the top ten was impressive. I guess we sell a lot of them. It shouldn't have surprised me really as it's a great top for layering in the winter.




The Peek-a-Boo

This design was only introduced in March so it did well to be in the top ten.

The sexy sleeves allows us to look sexy while the perfect drape covers us in all the right places.




Oh Mandy

This flattering style is designed to cover your tummy while enhancing your assets.

It's been around for a while and will never go out of style. Which is why it's always in the top ten



Leisure Suit

The Leisure Suit is so comfortable and goes easily from day to night. Believe me, it's so comfortable you will want to wear it to bed.

It's also available in a V neck, which  was introduced in February and almost made it to the top ten.




The Wrap Over

This design is probably one of my favoritesIt probably hides the muffin top and the tummy more than any other design. Well it hides mine.

It's available in a variety of colors, you will love it.



The Boat Neck

This elegant classic neckline Is perfect if you are looking for more coverage.

You can dress it up with your favorite jewelry as a stand alone top or use it as a layering piece. Either way you will look great.




The Simple Tank

For a few years I fought the requests for a sleeveless top, but the requests for too many so I caved.

I'm glad I did as this super-soft, comfortable tank comes in at #4.





The Simple V

The V-neck gives a slimming effect and who doesn't want that.

It's available in a lot of different colors so there's one for every skin tone.




The Fit and Flare

This doesn't surprise me at all. It's been in the top since we introduced it. It's fun and flirty and very flattering.

Available in solid colors too including the go to black.



Simple Comfort

It's been the #1 selling top since the beginning and I'm sure it will continue to be.

It's the perfect basic to start your outfit.

Available in many colors, there's one for you!



As always shipping is free on orders over $47 in the US and returns are free, which means risk free shopping.

Special: Buy 2 get a 3rd FREE, site wide, any combinatin

Happy Shopping

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