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5 Tips to Choosing the Right Neckline - By Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly

Do you know which neckline is flattering to your body? Many people don’t!  This short article covers the different types of necklines and which one will work for you.

The goal of the neckline is to balance your body.

Boat Neck – this style works best for people with a slim neck and shoulders. However; it also works well for women with long necks and a small face. The boat neck will work if you have a large bust as it draws the eyes up to the neck.


Do you have a long face? The Boat Neck will work for you too.  It’s great for pear, hourglass and rectangle body shapes.

If you have broad shoulders or an inverted triangle shape, stay away from the boat neck, as it will make them look wider.

Drape Neck – This design draws the eyes to the bust area and works great with a smaller bust and wider hips.

Drape Neck
is great for Apple, hourglass and pear shape bodies.

V-Neck - A V-neck is flattering to most every shape. It gives you a slimming effect (that’s what my mom said, and you know moms are always right).

It’s especially perfect for women with a round face as well as the curvier and bustier figure.

The V Neck doesn't work if you have a long face, because it will make your face look longer. You would be more suited to a boat neck.

Square Neck – This is another one that works well for women with narrow shoulders. The square neck also works well if you have a small head. If you have a square face, you should avoid this neckline.

While the Square Neck works well with most body shapes, it’s especially good for pear shape bodies. A great design for pear shape is a wrap over design.

Scoop neck – You can add curves to your figure with this neckline.  It’s perfect if you have a short or wide neck as it will make it look longer. This neckline also works well if you have a square face.

The good news, the scoop neck will work with every body shape so it is a very popular neckline.

If you have an hour glass figure…lucky you! There are very few necklines that won’t work on you. Just don’t wear your tops too tight, and wear a more fitted shape.

So there you have it.

Happy Shopping!

Pauline Durban, Founder/President, Covered Perfectly

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One thought on “5 Tips to Choosing the Right Neckline - By Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly”

  • Betsy

    Pauline, all of your tops are lovely. I have short arms and so do not want sleeves any longer than 3//4. My generation, born in the 1930s, wore Sloppy Joe sweaters, very large pullovers with long sleeves which we wore pushed up, and Penny Loafers. Saddle Oxfords were a bit later. When I got to Ramsay High School in Birmingham, Alabama, I began designing my own clothes, some based on styles from ancient or recent history. I had my mother make a lavender wool Pencil Skirt with an inch and a half cuff on the bottom. I designed and she made a cummerbund with soft stays in it for me. It was black crepe and looked great over almost any dress. When I saw a photo of a sleeveless dress in a magazine somewhere I rushed home and got Mama to take the sleeves off a new navy blue crepe, fitted dress with satin pleated panels over the hips and around to release in the middle of the back of the skirt. Off that came too. From then on she made sleeveless summer dresses to my directions. (She hated them and made me promise not to tell anyone that she had made an "unfinished" dress.) Fortunately I had
    nice arms and they looked fine in the sleeveless dresses, so much so that others started wanting them. Then the manufacturers were turing them out. Perfect for Southern summers. The neckline I wish you would make on the dresses I wish you would make, when you are ready, is a very narrow, deeper V, ( a slit from a fairly high, round neck is good too. I am very short and an overweight hourglass. I will keep watching your beautiful tops, wishing you every success and hoping for the dress I need in the future.
    Betsy Barber Bancroft Mrs. Joe D. Bancroft

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