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7 Tips to Hide Your Tummy - By Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly

Some of us (not me) are fortunate enough to have flat tummies. Whether it be from exercise, diet or good genes. This article is for those of us women over 40, women over 50 and beyond, who need a little bit of help to cover our tummy and muffin top.

  1. Always start with the right underwear, make sure they fit well or they will cause lumps and bumps in all the wrong places. If you wear shapewear, go for high waisted or a full body suit. Or even a well fitted camisole will help.
  2. Wear a good fitting pair of pants or skirt. Again, high waisted are best. Low waist tend to emphasize our bulges. One thing I have definitely noticed is that the tighter my pants...the worse my muffin top. As much as we hate to do it, sizing up is the best way to go. Your body will thank you for it.


  1. Stay away from tops that hit your midsection as that will draw the eyes to that exact spot. Wearing longer tops will draw the eyes past your tummy.

  1. Avoid wearing belts at your waist as this will also attract attention to your midsection. If you want to wear a belt, wear one loose on your hips.
  1. Layering is good, just wear something over your top, like a long vest or a cardigan. Something not too bulky though. The idea is to create vertical lines.
  1. Avoid tops that fit you too tight in the middle. Go up a size if necessary so that they don't cling.
  1. Wear tops that float away from your waist. Draped tops or a Fit and Flare work real well. Don't tuck your tops in.There you have it. Following these simple tips will help you conceal that part of your body that you would rather not reveal.

Check out the following tops that are great for covering your tummy.

The Fit and Flare is a a great way to cover your tummy with the flattering flare.
The Mandy has the perfect drape to cover your tummy, while enhancing your assets!
The V-neck and the asymmetrical hem line draws the eyes down.


This Classy Two-Toned design gives the body length with the flattering contrast
The Wrap Over is the best top to hide both your tummy and your muffin top



The longer length gives the body a slimming effect. Zip shoulder feature gives extra style


















If all else fails, the Cascading Vest is the perfect cover-up.

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