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Covered Perfectly Turns 3!

cp sept-6172.C - Copy - Copy Pauline Durban Founder/President

After a year of preparation, Covered Perfectly was launched on Sunday May 5th, 2013.

The last three years have been a roller coaster of incredible highs, and of course, the occasional lows.

Who knew that setting up on online business would be like opening a store in the middle of the desert and hoping that someone drops by?  The day we launched I had this amazing website. Now all I had to was get people to visit.

I started reaching out to bloggers and websites that were targeting the mature market I was aiming for.

Then I met some amazing women who were rooting for me to succeed. There are way too many to mention - however, I do want to mention Geri from FabOverFifty. We became friends right from the get-go and she really helped put me on the map.

Then along came Susan from Fifty, Not Frumpy. Susan loves Covered Perfectly and has been such a great supporter. We’ve actually becomes friends; she even flies in for our photo shoots and some good ol’ fashioned fun.


Susan, from Fifty, Not Frumpy in the Draped Front top

Of course, it would have been easier (and cheaper) to buy ready-made tops from China, but…I decided to design them myself and have everything made right here in Los Angeles.

It certainly wasn’t easy! The production company I started with had seen so many people fail in the fashion industry that they were more interested in making a quick buck than looking at the big picture. They almost put me out of business with the volume they made me buy!

My next production company was wonderful! However, as luck would have it, the owner (who was almost 80) decided to retire.

On to production company number three. They had the best of intentions but I was just too small for them. Every time they got a big order, they bumped me. Again - they didn’t see the big picture.

I finally got lucky when production company number two decided to come out of retirement. Everything is back on track and they fill my orders really quickly. Thankfully her son’s involved so we’re good for the long-term.

Many companies go out of business within the first three years and I can see why. I’ve learned so many expensive lessons along the way that I’m very grateful to have made it. I’d love to think that it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out but I’m sure my lessons aren’t over. At least I’ve made it this far.


MaryAnn, our first Photo Shoot Contest winner, wearing the Cold Shoulder


Colleen was our second contest winner, wearing the Piping top

One of the most important things to me was providing a good quality product. I’ve managed to achieve this. The amount of emails I get from customers raving about how much they love the designs makes me all warm and fuzzy; and reading the reviews always puts a smile on my face!


Customer Gina in the Zebra Cascading vest

I also check out the customer gallery often. I love that our customers send us pictures of themselves wearing their Covered Perfectly tops.

There’s one special customer I do want to mention. Her name is Diane and she’s from Oregon. Diane has a scar on her chest from an accident and says the MicroModal is the only fabric that doesn’t irritate it. She heard about us when my friend Jess Walton (who plays Jill Abbott on ‘The Young and the Restless’) mentioned Covered Perfectly on her fan page. Diane has been a loyal customer ever since and has purchased more tops from us than any other customer. I think she even has more than me! Thank you, Diane. I really appreciate you and your business.


Jess Walton from the Young and the Restless
wearing the Kelly Green Simple Comfort

I’d like to send a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have been a part of my journey and who’ve continued to support the brand. The amount of customers who buy from us over and over again is amazing and I’m proud to say that our return rate is among the lowest in the online industry!

Here’s looking forward to a successful fourth year! See you back here next time!

Thank you for being part of my journey,

Happy Shopping

Covered Perfectly

To find out why I started Covered Perfectly, read "My Story"

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  • Marge Meall

    I found your website through FabOverFifty. I LOVE your designs, but can't order because I'm a women's plus size 24W. ? I will keep your site bookmarked in case you expand your line into women's sizes in the future.

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