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If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything - By Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly

Social media is an interesting animal. It allows us to keep in touch with friends and family all around the world. We get to see what they have for dinner, what restaurants they are visiting as well as all the amazing pictures of their children, or in our case, it’s often grandchildren.

Covered Perfectly has been able to grow by getting the word out, via social media, so for that I will be forever grateful. However: social media also has a dark side.

It allows people to hide behind their computer and say mean things about companies and people!

They say things on social media that they wouldn’t dream of saying in a store or face to face. I know many of my blogger friends have experienced negative comments from just plain mean people, who it seems their mission in life is to bring others down. Women supporting women is the only way to go!

The women’s clothes that I have designed won’t be for everyone, that’s a fact. I visit many stores online and don’t buy anything. However; I would never dream of telling them I don’t like their products, or that they are too expensive…I just move on.

Would you go up to the owner or mangager of a store and tell them that you don't like their clothes? Of course not! Then there's no need to leave a comment on anything that you have had no experience with.

On the Facebook page of a major online retailer, I saw a request asking that no negative comments be posted as they like to encourage a positive enviroment. It's sad that they even have to say that. I’m pretty sure that they delete negative comments and ban the poster. Good for them!

For women to post some of the things that I have seen is inexcusable. I have got in to the habit of posting this article as a reply. Some still want to argue, some say sorry and delete their comment. If you have arrived here after posting one of these comments. Please think before you do this to any company.

Covered Perfectly is a small (but growing), woman owned company and negative comments can hurt us and any business. If it's genuine, I'm happy to leave it there, but when it's a totally inacurate comment made or posted by someone who hasn't even tried our product, they will be deleted. If they come back with another one, they will be banned.

Cyberbullying among teens is a major problem. I ask you, what kind of example are these "adults" setting for the younger generation?

It’s very sad when women feel the need to tear other women down. Especially when they post derogatory messages on blogger sites, who, for the most part, dedicate their time free. To leave mean comments on their pages is just rude, the women who do this, in my opinion have no class!

It’s so much better to be supportive and build each other up.  Women empowering women is a much better way to go.

What happened to – “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”?

I guess we should be sympathetic and believe that they are going through tough times. Why else would they post mean things?  What does it achieve, does it make them feel better. We will never know. Oh well.

Don’t get me wrong, people leave nice comments all the time, which I thoroughly appreciate, and I see a lot of nice comments all over social media.  Now if we could just stop the mean people…

I would love to hear your (nice) comments.

Founder/President at Covered Perfectly
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22 thoughts on “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything - By Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly”

  • Susan Street

    I am constantly amazed by people who start a conversation with a negative comment and then act surprised when people are rude back to them. You get what you give in life and rightly so. Sending you light and love my friend!

  • Jenny

    Everyday I am so very grateful that my parents pounded that exact phrase into my head. It has saved me from many mistakes. I have a co-worker who is about as negative person as you could ever meet and the impact she has on many people in our office is awful. Never a compliment or positive will cross her lips. But she teaches a valuable lesson, we are all grateful we don't have her outlook on life! I just fell upon this site exactly one week ago by chance thru Fifty Not Frumpy, which just popped up in my FB feed. Well because of that two very nice things happened: the a Fifty Not Frumpy site is my new favorite site and lunch time guilty pleasure!! And thru the Fifty Not Frumpy site I found the Perfectly Covered site, ordered 4 items, will wear the first two items to work tomorrow and now I have two wonderful internet friends!!!! See how lucky I am!!!

  • Sheryl

    My husband and l were just talking about that very thing yesterday. Although the comment may come from a virtual coward who would never have the courage to make an unfounded baseless comment face to face, the comment still hurts. Thanks for caring about all us ladies who are pushing our way through the 50's l think your product and ideas are great and needed.


    I think constructive criticism is okay when solicited. Otherwise just NO...

  • Adrienne

    Hi Pauline, It baffles me too when people are unnecessarily cruel. Whenever I get a nasty comment these days it's always on Facebook. I quickly delete it and, depending on the viciousness of the comment, will sometimes ban the person. I won't tolerate that sort of thing for a second! Thank goodness for the delete button!
    Sorry you're having to deal with some unkind comments. You certainly don't deserve that! Your products are fantastic!

  • Ann Anderson

    Here's some positive words for you:
    I must tell you that I follow Susan Street's blog and on her recommendation, ordered one of the Simple Comfort tops in black. I am SO impressed by the cut and feel of the top that I had to go back and order 2 more, plus a Simple V in white. You have another customer for life! Thank you for creating such wonderful clothing that is cut for a woman's body, modest but elegant. I truly believe that what you put forth is what you get back - we should be lifting up and encouraging each other, to my mind it is the only way to walk in this world.
    All the very best,
    Ann (in Canada)

  • Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    'Very wise words! A little kindness goes a L O N G way! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  • Colleen

    I was raised to be pleasant and practice random acts of kindness everyday. It totally goes against the grain for me when people respond negatively. It's not wrong to have a different opinion than others, but it's wrong to be rude and insensitive. We don't all have the same opinion. Isn't that wonderful as we aren't clones of one another. But, bullying or negative chat never provokes anything positive. If you can't say anything nice than just move on. I am especially this way with authors and small businesses. This is their livelihood. We don't all like to read the same thing. Don't criticize someone for pouring their heart and sole into writing something they are passionate about. What good does it do to say something negative? If you don't like it, move on. Same with clothing. We don't all have the same style. It would be so boring if we did. So in closing, we just need to treat everyone more kind.

  • Paula J. Williams
    Paula J. Williams April 3, 2016 at 10:32 am

    Aggressively negative comments come from negative people...I do not waste my time on them...delete. Delete. DELETE. The first time I saw you/your site, it popped up on my Facebook page. I was so excited! FINALLY, clothes that would make a non celebrity, normal worn woman feel pretty! YES! Even after I learned that your sizing does not fit me, I was still happy for those that it did. I do not like or wear tops that HUG my body and your XL is not roomy enough for me. There only 2 people that get to see all my curves, lumps and bumps and they are my bra fitter and my husband of 40 years. That said, I will survive, and you keep up the terrific work making all the women you can look and feel FABULOUS!

    • Pauline Durban

      Hi Paula, thank you for your comments. There are still some larger sizes left. Click on the collections tab and then plus sizes. You might find something you like there.

  • Jennifer

    Well said! The bravery one feels with anonymity is both staggering and stupid. It allows people to be cruel and rude. I like to email them back to remind them, they are never really anonymous when leaving comments on my blog.

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  • Jill Stein

    Your site is good. Your tops are amazing. I purchased one in black and white, the medium fits perfect! I plan to buy more. Now I'm trying to buy quality over quantity.

    Keep up the good work, and unfortunately keep deleting those that are cruel.

    • Lynne

      This has been a very negative year on social media. It just makes me sad to think that people feel free to post very negative, mean comments -- things they would never say face to face. People need to find the high road and respect again!
      Looking forward to placing an order -- I love the look of your tops!

  • Rebecca beaty

    First of all I applaud you for starting your own company and bringing your design ideas to life. I love you line and enjoy browsing online. I wonder what happens to some people in their lives to produce such negative thoughts and feelings. It is a shame because it is so much fun to be positive. Keep up the good work and continue to ignore the bullies. Response only feeds the fire. Ignoring them makes them irrelevant. God bless.

  • Laura Emmett

    Thank you for writing this article. I could not agree with you more. Too much negativity and it saddens me that so many people can be bullies online because they wouldn't dare in person. I have to say I have admired your clothing from afar but have never ordered. I love them but I just never got around to ordering. This has just made me want to order even more! Women supporting women! Amen!

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