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My Journey to the U.K. Part 1 - by Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly.

Here is a run down on my trip to the U.K. was to celebrate my son’s 40th birthday. I’m not sure if celebrate is the right word as I still find it hard to believe that I have a son who is 40. How the heck did that happen? I must of been 10 when I had him.

And so the journey begins...

There are many articles out there how to pack light for a trip and while I read them....it just doesn’t happen for me. I always manage to fill up a big case and take another on the plane. Most of the time I take way too much stuff, but that's OK. Variety is good. Fortunately, Covered Perfectly tops travel well and if they do have a few stubborn wrinkles from bad packing, a hairdryer will get rid of them. I'm wearing the white Simple Comfort


The good news is that due to using my credit card for everything, I had enough airmiles to travel upper class on Virgin.  I arrived at the airport early and the first stop…the upper class lounge where I ordered dinner.  Calamari with aioli sauce. The sauce was so good I used it on my salmon too. I figured the smell of garlic would be gone by the time I arrived. One can hope.


This was my seat for the next eleven hours. One of  the things I look forward to, is sleeping on the plane. When you own a business, you don't get a  lot of sleep. Flying upper class makes this so much easier as you have your own little cabin. The seat actually turns in to a bed making sleeping much easier. No way would I pay upper class prices but you get treated just as well even when they know you are flying on airmiles. I'd already eaten so I just had snacks and then it was off to sleep!


The next thing I knew I was at Heathrow being greeted by my son. He picks me up on his own so that we get some quality time together. I love that! Before I knew it, I was in my hometown of Basildon, Essex. They have a sign like the Hollywood sign…it always makes me smile as did the blue sky and the warm weather. It was a reprieve from the triple digits we were having in California

My sister, Wendy works in Billericay so we met her for lunch.  In this picture is four generations of my family. My great niece was born in August 2017 making my mum a great-grandmother for the first time.

Like a lot of us, I’ve put on weight over the last few years so a cover up has become my best friend. I’m wearing the Houndstooth chiffon top over a black Simple V. The tops constantly remind me why I started Covered Perfectly. If you haven’t read My Story, you will find it here.


Billericay High Street is full of historic buildings. I thought you might enjoy this

While I was in the UK, I stayed with my BFF Jackie, who flew over a few times to help me with Covered Perfectly. In this picture we are at the local Indian restaurant, where we discovered that we both experienced our first Indian meal here at the Mintoo.  Indian restaurants are very popular in England, they are everywhere.  I’m wearing a black Simple Comfort, (yes I wear them a lot), with the black and gray Cascading Vest. As previously mentioned…I need a cover up. The Cascading Vest works perfectly.

Friday it was off to the grocery store to get the final bits for the party. For some reason they look so much brighter over there. This is Asda, which is actually  owned by Walmart and you can buy pretty much anything you want here, just like Walmart, the only difference is that the grocery part is much larger.

My biggest problem was avoiding the chocolate aisle. Didn't happen, I left with a good supply. There's nothing quite like English Chocolate

              This is my favorite!


This is pie, mash and liquor, traditional working class food (according to Wikipedia).  It’s  popular in east London and Essex. It probably looks disgusting to anyone who hasn’t tried it but I love it. It was Saturday lunch with my sister’s before we went to decorate for the party. Usually it’s one of my first meals.


That's it for now, the next post will be of the party, where you will get to meet our friends and family....

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