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Problem Solver: The Cascading Vest- By Jamie, from More Than Turquoise

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder at Covered Perfectly. Jamie chose the abstract Cascading Vest to review, along with the black boat neck top. This is the second review Jamie has done and she looks amazing! Be sure to check out all the pictures, as she has styled the vest in a way that I have never seen before! She is a true fashionista.



I would suspect that everyone has, at some point and time, wished they had an item in their wardrobe that would deceive the viewers eye. You know, clothing that covers that little somethin’ – somethin’ you’d rather not everyone focus on.

Perhaps it’s a bit of a muffin top or maybe you’ve got more wiggle in your arms than you’re comfortable with. Whatever “it” is, I’d like to suggest that you take a little internet stroll over to Covered Perfectly. You’ll find many a problem solver there.

I recently discovered their cascading vests that just so happen to be:

  •  One size fits all
  •  Produced in patterns and cuts that are slimming, and
  •  Can be worn in a variety of ways

Recently, I wore this cascading vest on a lunch date with my honey. I started off wearing it belted …

More Than Torquoise Vest 2

More Than Torquoise Vest 3


And after we decided to share a decadent dessert ~ my belt could take no more. Tying my cascading vest quickly became my only option.

More Than Torquoise Vest 1

Thankfully, my vest still made me feel great.  #EyeTrickery 

Of course you don’t have to over-indulge in order to appreciate the fine offerings from Covered Perfectly. I’m also a fangirl of their MicroModal® Collection. My c/o black boat neck top comes from this collection and is super, duper soft. (Some people think that the fiber in MicroModal® is so fab, they consider it the softest fabric in the world!)

And, then … just when I thought I had exhausted all the styling options of my cascading vest, I figured out an additional way to wear it:

More Than Torquoise Vest 4

You just cross it in the front and tie it in the back.  #MyNewFaveWay 

If you think you might enjoy the Covered Perfectly cascading vest as well ~ simply click here to purchase. More Than Turquoise followers can save up to 20% on up to two items, plus free shipping in the US. Just use code: MTT20.

Check out Jamie's blog, click here

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