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Rinse and Repeat - By Susan, from Une Femme d'un Certain Age

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder/President of Covered Perfectly.
I met Susan online, as I have most of the amazing bloggers that have reviewed
our tops. Susan, from Une Femme d'un Certain Age, shares a lot about her travels
as well as great fashion tips. Be sure to check out her blog. Also please like her Facebook page.

Here's what Susan had to say about the Mandy design.

So…funny story about this top: a few weeks ago a family friend remarked how much she liked it, so I gave her mine. And almost immediately experienced a pang of remorse, thinking about the ways I could have styled it. So I ordered another one. (Pauline, upon hearing the story, generously offered to send it gratis.)


The first time I tried on this Covered Perfectly top, le Monsieur (who usually doesn’t offer unsolicited comments on what I’m wearing) said, “nice top!!” When I asked what he liked about it he said, “let’s just say it plays up your assets.”  Well alrighty then! :-) 

This is the Mandy top from Covered Perfectly. I brought this along on our recent trip to France as one of my “wild card” pieces.


It’s a fun snake print that works as a neutral or a color, depending on what you pair it with. As with so many of the Covered Perfectly tops, the fabric is very light and incredibly soft. You can wash this one in the machine and hang to dry overnight, so it’s a great choice for travel. Because I’m so short the top fits me more like a tunic; on someone of average height it would hit higher on the hip. (And those of you who are tall will find these tops are plenty long enough.)


Pop that collar!

The jeans are from Madewell. These are the “slim boyjean” style, which are a nice alternative to skinny jeans, especially in warmer weather. Madewell stores will hem full-priced denim at no charge, so I had these taken up a couple of inches. Still like to roll them, though.

Jacket: Eileen Fisher // Top: Covered Perfectly “Mandy” (provided) also available in Plus Sizes  // Jeans: Madewell // Necklace:French Kande // Shoes: J.Crew (run small so order 1/2 to full size up).

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