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Various Ways To Style The “Easy Breezy” Vest From Covered Perfectly By Wendy From Fashion Over Fifty

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - Wendy lives very close to me and when she's not flying all around the country doing fashion shows, we try to get together for lunch. Wendy has a huge following of women over 50 on Facebook and her blog, Fashion Over 50. She really knows her stuff. Be sure to check her out.

Over to Wendy...

What a brilliant idea of Pauline Durban’s to start a company (grassroots) catering to women Over Fifty.  Covered Perfectly tops are all made in the United States and Pauline  has designed and manufactured a great line of blouses that are just PERFECT for all Over Fifty ladies. Since no one else seems to be thinking of us, we are all grateful for her efforts.  Starting a business is not easy.  The blouses are made from micromodal, a natural fabric that breathes, (yes, we need that breathing!!). On top (no pun intended) of these great blouses, she has designed and made these wonderful vests that are diaphanous and could almost make you feel like a Goddess.  The vests are printed with great patterns that are youthful and fun. It was a very windy day, so we had to go inside to get a shot of the vest in its full length.

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As far as the vest, I tied the longer ends in to a small knot at the bottom.  For shorter women who think this vest might be too long, there is this option, and the vest then looks a little “blousey”. For the shorter woman this is still a very feminine and easy look. What a great option when you don’t know what to wear. It dresses up anything, even jeans!

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In this above photo, the vest is hanging naturally. I am only 5’3″ and it falls just below the knees. The cream blouse underneath is also Covered Perfectly’s. It is the Simple Comfort, their #1 selling top, and I can see why! This blouse could not be more comfortable! The length is great because it comes down just below the crotch, hiding a myriad of “issues”. Here, I have belted it. Again, as we age, we lose our waistline, and this belt gives the illusion of a waist!!

In this above photo,  I tied 2 knots at about 3 inches below the breast. I then tied those two knots together. This almost makes it look like a V-neck dress.  Have you ever seen those video clips on how to tie a scarf 5,000 ways?  Well, I can only remember about 3 or 4, but for the more creative woman, the options are endless on how to tie this vest to give you another look.

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And above is another great pattern for a vest. You see it in this animal print of brown and beige. Here I have it tied at the bottom. A great way to cover up any areas with “issues”. Furthermore, animal prints never go out of style and are Agelessly Chic.

There are also plenty styles of blouses. Go on over to CoveredPerfectly.com and you will find a variation of styles and colored blouses, all very appropriate for women Over Fifty. I am so glad I tried these blouses. They are a great staple for any wardrobe.  You can wear them with a sweater, a blazer, or even under a jumper!! Good luck to Pauline, and thanks for thinking of the Over Fifty woman.   Xoxo

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