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What I Am Wearing Today? - By Joely from Fashion Beyond Forty

Note for Pauline Durban, president and founder of Covered Perfectly - I love see how Joely is going to style her outfits, she always does something different and this time was no different. She shows us every time that fashion over 40 is still fun!

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Over to Joely....

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the cascading vest. I own several of them and you have probably seen most of them here on the blog. Another thing I am a fan of are these cute cutout peek a boo style tops! Mostly I love fashion that is comfortable and easy to wear.

For me, summer is all about being laid back, taking it easy and not having to fuss over my wardrobe. Fashion as a whole should be fun. It should be easy to put together a cohesive look. That is one reason I love Covered Perfectly. They make it easy for me to put together a stylish look. They also cater to the over 40 women! 

This semi-sweet semi-sexy peek a boo top is just one example of the gorgeous styles available on their site.

Add to it the versatile cascading vest and you can have as many looks as your imagination can come up with.

Untied Easy and Breezy is my favorite way to wear the cascading vest.

The cascading vest is so beautiful when the wind blows. The breeze catches the light chiffon and it twirls and flutters. It’s just gorgeous as is but you can wear it tied up too.

TIP: Tie it tighter for an under the bust corset look appearance.

Both the Cascading Vest and Peek A Book top are lightweight enough for hot summer days.

Many women over 40, myself included, do not like to show a lot of their arms. Especially their upper arms. I simply adore the cutouts on the sleeves.

Even with my thick upper arms the fabric does not pinch or make my arms appear fat.

The shirt is quite slimming and gives me a lovely side view.

I love that Covered Perfectly offers so many summer comfortable styles that have longer sleeves. The Peek A Boo Cutout Sleeve top is made from Covered Perfectly’s own special Micro Modal fabric with 6% spandex for a nice stretch.

It is machine washable and you simply lay flat or hang dry.

No ironing is necessary – I just love that! Another huge plus about shopping with Covered Perfectly is that their clothes are made in America.

Another way you can wear the Cascading Vest is by tying the ends into knots.

This gives you a little more control over the flow of the vest if you are worried about getting it caught up in something.

I told you this vest was versatile! 

Both the vest and peek-a-boo top can be worn casually and to the office. I styled my look with cropped jeans and cute chunky heel sandals but Covered Perfectly fashions pair very well with slacks, or a skirt. Another way to style the Cascading Vest is by wrapping it and tying in the back. Not all ladies will be able to do this depending on your waist size but with the vest length being generous many will be able to. A closeup of the cutout sleeves is a must.

There is plenty of a stretch so that my arms are not pinched and no arm fat look!

One of the ways to style the Cascading Vest that I find the most fun is what I call the peacock tail. I just think it is super flirty and cute. 

Simply gather and pull the Cascading Vest behind your back, loop and tie in a knot. Most all women should be able to do this although the length of your “tail” may vary. 

This Ladies is what summer should look like and feel like.

Selecting a cute stylish outfit from the closet should be simple.

Covered Perfectly makes it simple! 

Get this look:

The flowy, chiffon Cascading Vest in all the available colors and patterns.

Peek-A-Boo Sleeves A-Line Top available in 4 colors.

See what else Covered Perfectly has to offer – Shop The Site!

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