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Where Is The Romance?- by Tania, from 50 Is Not Old

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly - This is Tania's first review for us. I love the way she styled her Simple V and her comments on the reality of romance are so funny. Thank you Tania for the wonderful review and welcome to the Covered Perfectly family!

Where Is The Romance?


Do you buy gifts for Valentines’s Day? My husband and I have never been big gift givers. If we want something, we usually buy it. So buying a gift just because it is an occasion has never been something we subscribed to. BUT, I do sometimes take an opportunity to get something I want. Hahaha


In our local newspaper, there was an ad for chocolate covered strawberries. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries. So I took the paper, circled the ad in magic marker, and laid it on Joe’s desk. He was on the phone, and paid it no attention. When I went back, I sweetly asked if he had read the paper yet. Then I tapped on the ad, and it finally sunk in what I was doing. He laughed, and then wanted to know why I didn’t just get them myself. Where is the romance in that? Lol!


Today is my last day of wearing “red” for the week. I love red, but it is hard when you HAVE to wear it. I have had this stripped sweater for several years. Since stripes are one of the popular trends, I decided to put the sweater back in my fashion rotation. I am wearing a new top though, that was sent to me by Covered Perfectly. When they contacted me about me doing a product review, I was petrified. What if I didn’t like the product? They were confident in their product, so I agreed to try a tunic. I remembered that I had read about Susan at Fifty, not Frumpy, talking about going to a fashion shoot for Covered Perfectly.

I went over to their website and decided on this tunic. I always buy a new white top every year, so I knew I would get a lot of wear from the top. It is a material called micromodal. I have no idea what that is, but I know how it feels. It is a very high quality top, extremely soft next to your skin. It feels terrific, and hangs wonderfully. I actually wore the top in this post, but never said anything because I wanted to wash it and see how it would do. It did great. I chose the v-neck because that is a more flattering look on me, but it also comes in a boat neck and a scoop neck. If your unsure which style would look best on you, check out this post by Jo-Lynne Shane. I also chose the 3/4 sleeve so that I could wear it in the upcoming summer months. The price of $39.95 concerned me a little, but not anymore! This is not like a t-shirt that you buy at Wal-Mart or Target, it is well worth the price. They have a special going on now buy 2, get 1 free. After trying the top, I am thinking about ordering this vest. Let me know what you think.


BTW, Joe has 4 dozen chocolate covered strawberries on order. Haha  Now that is how romance is done!!!

Also, be sure to let the folks at Covered Perfectly know that when they do another fashion shoot, they need to include a blonde-bobbed over 50 blogger from Virginia. Lol!

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