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Why You Should Throw Away the Fashion Rule Book - Cat, Fab Fit Forty

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - When I met Cat online, I was thrilled to find out that she lives very close to my hometown in the UK. She writes an interesting blog, some of the words might confuse you as she writes in English. Be sure to read to the end to see her mum (mom) Covered Perfectly.

Over to Cat...

Generally, I'm not a big fan of "rules" when it comes to your own personal style. I love leopard print, double denim, colour blocking and mixing up different prints. I wear black and blue together. I've even worn high heels with combat trousers. For me fashion is all about expressing your joie de vivre! I just LOVE clothes.

I'm talking "confidence". This is something that can definitely get knocked along the way, especially when you're bombarded daily with pictures of beautiful bloggers on Instagram with their 20 something figures and soft, dewy complexions, not a wrinkle, eye bag, sprouting chin hair or menopausal midriff in site! I have to constantly remind myself of two things:



How do you just own it and feel confidently stylish when you are worried about showing off this or that bit of flesh or wearing fabrics that just cling to you in all the wrong places? This is a reality guide after all and I didn't want to exclude the older women out there reading this who yes, still want to look and feel fabulous but might have body confidence issues to deal with.

So this is where my job is fantastic. A wonderful lady, Pauline, originally from Essex and now living the life Stateside reached out to me regarding her fashion line, especially developed for the 40 plus woman which I thought would be just perfect for my Mum!

 I love Pauline's personal story. The frustration of finding the right shape and formed clothes in figure flattering fabrics leading her to create her own line, Covered Perfectly, especially for women of a certain age still dedicated to being stylish but wanting more importantly to feel confident and classy. She hit upon MicroModal, her staple fabric, breathable, super soft and comfortable with a touch of luxury about it. Great for those menopausal hot flushes too!

If you read my blogs you'll know that I refer to my Mum as Beryl Bear. She's fabulous. A natural beauty who fully embraced motherhood and growing old with grace. I know she won't mind me sharing this with you but she does have some body confidence issues. Two kids, gall bladder removed and a hernia operation mean that her muscle definition is shot to pieces.

 She still has lovely slim hips and legs so for her style, she prefers a flattering slim fit pair of classic trousers or jeans with a comfortable, elegant and more flowing top that gives her room to relax, breath and provide her with that extra bit of confidence. She loves and really suits eye popping colors along with sophisticated prints, especially a touch of the animal! Which is probably where I get my love of leopard print from.



 Here she is this Easter weekend being my model and 70 something muse, looking just beautiful as well as oozing confidence in a couple of pieces from the Covered Perfectly range. Keeping it so real she's still wearing her pink fluffy slippers!!! Beryl! 

Mum was delighted with her pieces from the Covered Perfectly collection as you can see from her lovely smiley face! Super soft and sumptuous fabric with her particular favorite being the Flowy Lightweight Jacket she's wearing above which will be just perfect to pack for her trips with Dad to Tenerife! Oh yes, that is one stylish and well traveled Mummy Bear! Get in touch if you want more details about the range.




Here she is styling another one of Covered Perfectly's top, the Simple V in red. Ladies, isn't it time you threw away the fashion rule book and instead focused on your own unique personal style? What it is that makes you channel your inner confident fashionista? Whether that is a particular shape of trousers, a free flowing top or something altogether more structured. By now you should know and own your style. So JUST WEAR IT and always be sassy, classy and a little bad sassy! 

Fab Fit and Forty followers can save 20% off 1 or 2 items by using coupon code CD20 when you checkout at Covered Perfectly. Or you can take advantage of the Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE Special, no coupon code necessary! Only one discount per order will work. Happy Shopping!


Much love and fabulousness,




For more details on Cat's blog, click here.

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