11 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Winter - By Jo, Lifestyle Fifty

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly: Now you are probably wondering about the title so let me explain. Our new blogger is from Australia so the seasons are different. Take a look at what Jo has to say about the Fit and Flare. I’ve lived in a cold climate and I’ve lived in a hot one too. How about you? A few weeks ago I was in the UK and it was really cold, which was pretty easy to dress for really as coming from Australia I just kept layering my thin-blooded body with every bit of warm clothing I could lay my hands on. But in Australia, mid season dressing is a bit different, and in the South West, where we live, the weather can blow hot and cold as the season changes giving way to a blustery winter. I’m loving this Covered Perfectly * fit and flare top at the moment which is proving a fabulous mid-season item. It goes with white or black pants and the longer arm length to the elbow is really flattering, so is the flare over hips and tum. For the slightly warmer weather we’re having at the moment, I’m teaming it with lightweight white pants and Frankie4 Sandals * with a black felt hat to shade my face from the sun. P1130389 This top can also be worn with Ponte Pants because it cover the bum, and covered shoes such as Frankie4 JENNiEs *.

I’ve grabbed a white scarf as an accessory …


Which can be double draped if needs be for a nice warm neck!

Covered Perfectly was started by Pauline Durban an English woman who moved to America. How she started the company is interesting – you can read more Here.

P1130374 refresh your wardrobe

How to refresh your wardrobe for winter

  1. Take all your clothes out of your wardrobe and put them on your bed.
  2. Separate your clothes into piles – dresses, pants, jeans, T’s, blouses, jackets, etc.
  3. Toss out anything that looks worn or tatty. This goes for shoes as well.
  4. Put your summer shoes into a storage container. I use big plastic containers (with lids) from Bunnings.
  5. Look at your clothes carefully. Take out anything which is definitely a summer item and unlikely to be worn in winter, make sure it’s clean, then fold it neatly and put it into a storage container for next year.
  6. Some summer dresses and skirts look cool with winter boots and tights – decide which of your dresses you will keep in your winter wardrobe and hang them up. Put the others into a storage container.
  7. White jackets will probably not look great with your winter wardrobe staples, but leather jackets, bright jackets and denim will – I like to wear them over long sleeved T’s or long sleeved shirts – then I dress them up with scarves whether it’s cold or not.
  8. Depending on which part of Australia you live in, you might want to store your T-shirts, cuts-offs and capri pants until next year.
  9. I store most of my short sleeve T-shirts and my white capri pants so that they feel like new next spring!
  10. When you’ve decided what you’ll keep, organise the garments in your wardrobe, either by colour or item, depending on how you like to look for things.
  11. I like to keep my dresses, pants, blouses and jackets in separate sections, EXCEPT if I have special outfits which I’ve bought specifically to be worn together because the colours go so well. These I try to keep in my ‘Outfits’ section. Yes, I’m not perfect – they do get muddled up as I mix and match.
Items marked * have been gifted to me for editorial consideration as per my Disclaimer policy. What’s your favourite mid-season or winter piece of clothing? Be sure to check out Jo's blog. Click here.

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