The Third Year is a Charm


Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - Whenever we show this top of Ginger wearing the coral Mandy we sell out. Hardly surprising she looks adorable. Ginger is a stylist who helps us women over 40 look our best. Be sure to check out her blog.

Over to Ginger...

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Without a doubt, the #1 question I get from women seeking advice about their wardrobes is, “My body has shifted and I no longer have a defined waist. How do I dress my new body, hide my tummy and still feel like I look great?” Sound familiar? I promise you do not have to feel relegated to baggy tent-like tops or wear massive amounts of shape wear to trim your tummy. There are great styles available to camouflage and still feel comfortable and attractive.
Here’s your chance to discover the 7 tips for dressing to hide your tummy and still feel great about how you look. Continue Reading

BLACK AND WHITE - By Rhoda of Southern Hospitality

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - You have seen reviews from Rhoda over the years. Every Wednesday on her blog she features fashioin over 50, the rest of the time she focuses on DIY. Hmmm...there might be some connection between rehabing houses and ourselves lol.

Over to Rhoda...

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I think I’ve mentioned a few (hundred) times how much I love black and white combos. In clothing and in my house, black and white is such a classic and I have plenty of it in my wardrobe. Today, it’s more of the jeans….white and blue denim, can’t help it, that’s what I seem to wear a lot. I’ve shared tops from Covered Perfectly with you before and I have a new one to share today. Continue Reading


Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - I love Susan. She was a social worker for over 20 years and recently retired to focus on Uncommon Threads a charity for empowering women who are domestic violence survivor. I really admire the work this organization does. I also love that Susan is a blogger and has reviewed a few of our tops, she always looks wonderful.

Over to Susan...

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You know how difficult it is to find the perfect tee? It's especially tough to find one that's long enough to wear with leggings. And then there's the arm thing...not all of us midlifers are comfortable baring our arms-- and it seems that everything is sleeveless these days! Well, I have the perfect solution. Continue Reading

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