5 Tips to Dress for Success for Boomer Women

5 Tips to Dress for Success for Boomer Women

Women want to be taken seriously on the job. Whether it’s in the workplace or everyday life, boomer women who dress for success can make a lasting impression on everyone they meet. Follow these fashion tips to help you land that dream job, get that promotion, or even leave a date speechless.

1. Dress to impress

Flowy pantsuits are all the rage for women of every age. This kind of pantsuit usually looks best when the blazer and pants match in color and pattern. If the blazer and pants are a solid color, a print camisole or blouse will add some pizazz.

Since the pants are usually flared, high heels are recommended. Wear your favorite stiletto heel or an edgy wedge for height.

2. Feel confident yet comfortable

Although confidence is key to success in a woman’s life, comfort is important too. While high heels can complete any outfit, they may not be the most practical choice in footwear. Choose shoes you can wear without pain if you’ll be on your feet a lot during the day.

If the day requires a lot of sitting at your desk, wear your favorite flashy pumps. Sandals work for summer business attire, especially with a fresh pedicure.

3. Add some flare

Dressing for success means showing your personality in your choice of jewelry and accessories. Don’t be afraid to break out the animal prints and bold colors.

For example, this flared leopard print top is perfect for almost any occasion. Don’t go overboard, though: Too much animal print and your outfit goes from “wow” to “whoa.”

4. Make tea-length dresses your best friend

Dresses are attractive, wearable, and easy to style. Whether the style is business or casual, tea-length dresses always work in your favor. Layer a trendy blazer or chic wrap to add a touch of drama.

Almost any type of shoe goes with mid-length dresses. Wear them with heels, boots, or your favorite ballet flats. Look for modest necklines and silhouettes that go from desk to dinner with ease.

5. Put accessories to work

Accessories are a lot of fun and add interest to any outfit. Switch up your bracelets, bag, and belt and your basic black suit works from nine to five and beyond. A chunky necklace or bright scarf makes a simple sweater look fantastic. Your wardrobe works a lot harder if you have the right accessories.

Remember to edit, however. If you’re wearing chandelier earrings, skip the necklace or wear a simple chain. Resist the urge to bejewel every bit of skin. As Coco Chanel said, every woman should look in the mirror before she leaves the house and takes one thing off. It’s good advice to keep your look chic and elegant.

Boomer women shouldn’t change their style just because they’ve reached a certain age. Just make a few simple changes and stick to the basics and you’ll look great at every age.

Danielle K. Roberts is a Medicare insurance expert and co-founder at Boomer Benefits, where her team of experts helps baby boomers with their Medicare decisions nationwide.

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