A Day In The Life Of A Winner - By Colleen

A Day In The Life Of A Winner - By Colleen


Sometimes, on an ordinary day, extraordinary things can happen. For me, that was when I received a text that I had won a contest to model for a day with the Covered Perfectly team.

You see, I am kind of quiet, a little shy but open to new opportunities. My first reaction was that I was so excited I was jumping up and down and squealing with delight. I am sure my husband thought I was crazy. My very next reaction was, oh my gosh, I won! Do they know I am 63? Can you imagine my panic?

Covered Perf 2-26-16-933 Web
I had never modeled before, so this was completely outside the box moment for me. But, I have let many opportunities pass me by due to fear of the unknown. I have been following a blogger by the name of Susan Street. Her blog is Fifty not frumpy.

If you get a chance look her up. She has an incredible story and is filled with warmth and Southern charm. I feel like I gained a friend. What I have learned from her is that women can be anything we want to be and still look amazing at any age. From her site, I found Covered Perfectly.

Colleen and Susan Photo Shoot 2016
Pauline Durban is the President and founder of Covered Perfectly, which is an online clothing store with an emphasis on creating great clothes for women over 40. This is the contest I won. So I decided this ordinary girl was going to face her fears and have fun.

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I got up very early as I didn't want to be late. My GPS said it would take one hour, but it actually took three hours due to heavy traffic. I'm never late so I left four hours early just in case. And for me, this was an adventure.

And of course, I had the worst hair day ever. But, from there the magic begins. I am greeted so warmly by everyone. I don't feel like an outsider. I feel like I am part of the team. It was my turn to get my make-up professionally applied. I felt so pretty when Lex was done. I watched in anticipation with butterflies in my stomach gathering information as my turn approached.

But, the truth is, there wasn't one person there that would have let me fail. Maria turned on her music and I just started to move. I could hear encouraging words throughout the room. I felt like a star. Time for an outfit change. One top off, and another top goes on.

Covered Perf 2-26-16-986 Web
The fabric of these tops is so soft. I love the three-quarter length sleeves and length of the tops.

Covered Perf 2-26-16-968 Web (White Space Conflict)
Back to the lights, the camera and the photographer to do it all again. What I can say is that I lived a dream come true this day. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a model for a professional photoshoot.

Don't hesitate to shop at Covered Perfectly. Pauline works hard to bring clothing designs that are soft and comfortable but also flattering. Making us ladies look our best.

Her clothing is also made in America.

In closing, I will say I had the best day ever. I met the most amazing people, had the best experience and truly had fun. I wouldn't think twice before coloring outside the box again. Colleen G

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly: Colleen was a natural, we loved having her at the shoot. You never know, you could be the next winner...

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