How Accessories Change The Basics-By Susan, From Fifty, Not Frumpy

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - What can I say about Susan, from Fifty, not Frumpy that I haven't already said. Other than I'm excited to see her at the next photo shoot. We always have so much fun. I'm sure you will agree that she looks amazing in every one of the tops that she reviews. She's the perfect example of how women over 50 can look fabulous. Over to Susan... You have likely noticed that I often wear a similar base including a tunic or tank with a narrow leg pant all in one color. This fabulously comfortable tunic top was a gift from Covered Perfectly. This style is the Fit and Flare. FNFFF1 This silhouette flatters my shape and height and fits my personality, so I often rely on this basic combination when getting dressed. Today I want to show you how I change the attitude and set the tone for different looks, by simply changing my accessories. The same top and pants are worn in each of the examples shown here. FNFFF2 This top is very soft and comfortable for traveling. Just wash it out and hang to dry. If you pack it, hang it up when you arrive and when you get up the next morning the wrinkles will be gone!
For a more uptown look, I draped a scarf around my neck and paired it with dressier heels and a fantastic handbag!
To achieve a more downtown urban vibe, I added a bold medallion necklace, a cropped moto style white jacket, and reptile embossed booties. I always use a jacket as an "accessory" to set the tone for looks.
I hope these examples help you to see how you can change your basic looks by wearing different accessories. A follower once commented to me that she could never put together a look when she shopped at a particular store that I often shop in. I never think of putting together a certain look when I am shopping. Instead, I think only of adding elements that appeal to me, and that can be worn in different ways with what I already have to build appropriate looks for any event. Many of my favorite tops from Covered Perfectly are back in stock now! These fabulous tops are made in the USA. Fifty, not Frumpy followers get a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code FNF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items. You may also take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special. Only one of the discounts will work per order. Be sure to check out Susan's blog, she shares great tips for women over 50 and beyond. Click here.
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