Creating 5 outfits with 2 Covered Perfectly tops! - By Sylvia, from 40+ Style

Creating 5 outfits with 2 Covered Perfectly tops! - By Sylvia, from 40+ Style

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly: Sylvia currently lives in Singapore, although she has lived all over the world. I met her online and she has featured Covered Perfectly a number of times. Here's one from 2014. I do want to point out that the second top that Sylvia reviewed, the leopard print top is very low on inventory, and once it's gone there will be no more of the identical print. If you like it buy it now. Enjoy the article.

Over to Sylvia...

Creating 5 outfits with 2 Covered Perfectly tops! By Sylvia, from 40+ Style

Sylvia 1
I have talked about Covered Perfectly tops a few times before, but I have never shown you wearing them myself. That all changes today with 5 combinations created with 2 Covered Perfectly tops. As the name suggests, Covered Perfectly tops were specially created to cover you perfectly.
The tops always aim to present you in your best light. Many of the tops have drapes in all the right places so bellies and other bulges remain hidden. They also often feature 3 quarter sleeves to give you the nicest and most slimming silhouette. I’m very much in favor of wearing tops that are not too basic. I almost always dress to flatter my body which means I will hardly ever step out in a basic t-shirt that will highlight any bulges I have (believe I have them; you just never see them!).

Outfit #1

sylvia 2
The first top I picked is the Mandy top, made of super-soft MicroModal with a touch of spandex. This fabric is soft and feels almost like silk. It’s extremely comfortable. This particular top is draped in such a way that your bust is flattered and highlighted while your tummy is hidden. The top is also quite loose which means it doesn’t cling at all and feels very comfortable to wear.

Outfit #2

sylvia 4
Just for fun and because we were talking wide pants just recently I’m showing the tops both wide-leg pants as well as loosely fitted skinnies. You be the judge what you like best! This is the outfit with my skinny jeans from Not Your Daughters Jeans.
sylvia 5

Outfit #3

Sylvia 6 Sorry, this print is now discontinued, click here to see other prints and here for the Simple Comfort

Another top I really wanted to try is a Simple Comfort. It’s a simpler top and perfect for layering. This top is made of silky MicroModal, and very comfortable. The fabric does not cling at all and my size S is spacious. I like that the scoop neck is not too deep and the 3 quarter sleeves are perfect for layering the top as well as wearing it on its own. This is my first animal print garment ever (apart from a belt) and I’m so happy with the looks that I created.

Outfit #4

sylvia 7


I love the animal print with red and the jeans jacket turns it into a casual chic relaxed look.

Outfit #5

sylvia 8
However, this top is nice enough to wear on its own as well and will look good with skirts and pants alike. I know I’m going to enjoy these tops for a long time to come and I recommend you look at the wide assortment of tops available at Covered Perfectly.
They have tops in all kinds of different shapes, drapes, and patterns so you can determine which part you want to highlight and downplay and pick the top that suits you.  
When you go shopping at Covered Perfectly don’t forget to use the discount code 40+ for a 20% discount! It works up to two items, after that they buy 2 get your 3rd free special kicks in. Which of the above outfits is your favorite? signature22 Check out Sylvia's blog - click here.
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