How to Create a Slimming Effect With Lines

How to Create a Slimming Effect With Lines

As we get older putting on weight seems to just happen without us even trying. When I started Covered Perfectly, I wore a medium, now I’m a large. This happened without any effort whatsoever. Well, I’m a chocaholic that might have something to do with it.

One thing I have noticed without fail is that when I wear certain clothes, people ask me if I’ve lost weight. No, I haven’t. It’s the clothes that give an illusion that I'm slimmer than I actually am.

The MicroModal vest with pockets is probably my favorite.
I wear it all the time, over different colors and print tops.

I’m a leggings and jeans person, so the vest is perfect to
cover the derriere. (I love that word).
It creates lines that make you look slimmer.
It looks fabulous with a skirt too!

If you aren’t comfortable with the vest open, there’s a cute button
strategically placed to cover your tummy.
Worn here with the V-neck leopard print. See all the prints here.

Tops that take your eyes down is always a good idea too.
When I want to wear something dressy, I love this button side top.

When I want to go casual, I love the layered top. I get more people
asking if I’ve lost weight when I wear this one more than any other.
It's lucky we have it in three color combinations.

Another item I personally wear a lot of is the cascading vest.
You can tie it up so many ways, it’s very versatile.
Just use your imagination and it will look different every time.
Of course, you can leave it hanging loose, which will create lines, again,
that gives you that slimming effect.

Then, of course, there’s the Popcorn jacket.
You can dress this up or down.
It looks great with a black top and leggings.
Adding long jewelry gives an additional slimming effect.

One final point. Sometimes we have to go up a size to look slimmer, bulges are not attractive.

I went up a size and people still think I've lost weight.

Remember, these are just suggestions. You go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

There's a special when you buy 2 items, you get the 3rd free from any combinations.

Happy shopping

I'm Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly. If you haven't read my story yet, click here.

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