Dress to Impress Yourself - By Ginger, Total Image Consultants

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly. Ginger from Total Image Consultants has a lot going on and she has included Covered Perfectly in pretty much all of her videos. I've added links for you to view them and see what interests you. Over to Ginger...

When you look in the mirror, what comes to mind? Are you happy and pleased or confused and discouraged? Does your heart sink? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure as to how to change it? Do you long to feel good every morning when you get dressed but don’t know how?


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Over the past 29 years I have helped so many women from all over the world who had wardrobes that they described as “good enough” or “not horrible” (or worse) move beyond those limitations into a personal style they love. With gentle guidance and support we look at who you are on the inside and show you how to reflect that on the outside. The results are transformative and something every woman deserves to experience. This is my wish for you! Welcome message that gives a short overview of Dress to Impress yourself. Click Here. The Dress to Impress—YOURSELF! course was created for women, like you, who are ready for a change; women who deserve to feel beautiful and inspired by the garments they choose, and want to learn how to rekindle (or discover for the first time) that joy of getting dressed and feeling great about how they look. Click Here for complete details on the course. Bonus video (note from Pauline at Covered Perfectly - Make sure that you watch this video when you have some downtime. It's full of valuable information so it's a bit longer that the others.

This is the Simple Comfort in Kelly Green

Here's a link to Gingers site. Total Image Consultants

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