Fashion Focus: Covered Perfectly Introduces New Fall Styles - You Are Going To Love Them! - By Joely From Fashion Beyond Forty

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - Wow, I love Joely in this outfit. The top and Cascading Vest work great on her. You can tell by the pictures that she feels good and is having fun. Thank you Joely for sharing your review. Over to Joely...

Ladies, I have written about Covered Perfectly in previous articles, but they have really amped up their fashion game! I am loving the new additions to their Fall clothing line - like really digging the new selections!

red-vest-1Shop the top here Shop the vest here

First lets just admire this gorgeous Red Cascading Vest. I have worn my Cascading Vests with slacks, jeans, pencil skirts, a-line skirts, and leggings, and I always get a ton of compliments when I wear one of them. While the Cascading Vests come in many colors, and patterns, I am in love with this deep red color with a delicate floral pattern. red-vest-10The Cascading Vest is a super versatile accessory that is perfect for any outfit. It goes as beautifully with a nice skirt for the office, as it does with jeans. You can style it in many ways from my favorite, free flowing, to tied, even belted.

I sometimes discuss here on Fashion Beyond Forty, how to mix and match prints, this is a great way to do so! The subtle colors in the Simple Comfort Diamond Print Top, are perfect for pairing with a more bold color, with a completely different, but also subtle print, such as that in the Red Floral Cascading Vest.

I added a leaf bracelet in bronze to compliment the color of the top, and boots, and to go with the floral theme in the Cascading Covered Perfectly Vest. I also choose a mid-length necklace in bronze to not only compliment the bronze bracelet, but also to highlight the scoop neck design of the Simple Comfort Covered Perfectly top. This longer necklace also helps to elongate my chest and neckline - which as a petite woman I need all the elongation help I can get! (remember petite does not necessarily mean thin, it also means short - like me.) diamond-print-sc-1The Simple Comfort top comes in a multitude of pretty colors, but now, Covered Perfectly has added patterns too! This one is the Diamond Print, and I am in love! The fabric that Covered Perfectly uses feels great and is of excellent quality. It has a nice amount of stretch to cover larger upper arms, and is stunning on all types of figures.

With, or without the vest this Simple Comfort women's top is stunning. The pattern is an attention grabber all on it's own and this top also works wonderfully for date night, but if you slip on a cute jacket, you have a perfect top for office wear too. Covered Perfectly aims to design quality fashions that are perfect for women over forty, but if you ask me they are perfect for anyone, of any age. We can't keep all the gorgeousness to ourselves can we?

red-vest-6I styled the Covered Perfectly items by wearing brown boots to compliment the brown in the Simple Comfort Top. I had considered wearing black boots but thought brown would look better to compliment the top. Yes you can mix browns and blacks perfectly. I used to think this was a fashion no-no but aside from today's fashion having no rules, I have learned that it is perfectly acceptable to mix browns and blacks. One key in doing so is to look at your focal pieces and use the other color in your accessories. Here my focal pieces are the Simple Comfort Top, and the Cascading Vest. The top being brown with black accents allowed me to play with both colors in other pieces such as my boots. The black pattern in the top also allow for the vest to compliment the overall look beautifully. How about that print though? It almost has an aztec look to it.

And these beautiful treasures are not all that are new on Covered Perfectly ladies. They have just added for the first time ever some gorgeous dresses that are made to fit every woman! Keep your eyes peeled as I may be featuring one of them on an upcoming Fashion Focus, although I have my eyes on a couple other new clothing selections over at Covered Perfectly too!

I tell you what - shopping with Covered Perfectly is so much fun because they keep showing us new and exciting fashions to select from.

red-vest-12I would have loved to have shown you all the various ways you can wear these two items, and originally I had planned to do my photo shoot in a cute a-line black skirt but the jeans and boots were calling to me today. In this blustery weather it only felt right to show off this casual glam look. In all honestly, I would have been exhausted doing all of the clothing changes to show you every type of look you can achieve with these two pieces! One simple flip however using this cute Cascading Vest is to take it off, and use it as a scarf! Yes you can do that too!

Fashion Beyond Forty readers can save 20% on up to two items! Use the discount code FBF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from and the discount will apply on up to two items, OR, you can take advantage of the Buy 2 Get a 3rd FREE Special! Only one discount can be applied per order.

Wondering if Covered Perfectly will fit you? Check out their sizing chart and see! Remember, returns in the USA are always FREE, so there is no risk! If it doesn't fit just send it back. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

See more of Joely's fun style here.

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