Go from Casual to Dressy with just some added accessories - by Marline

Go from Casual to Dressy with just some added accessories - by Marline

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - when I sent this top to Marline I just knew it was going to look amazing and she didn't disappoint.

Check out the different ways she styled it. P.S. She's from Canada so some of the spelling is different, it's not an error.

Over to Marline...

marline - 1

When I received this top from Covered Perfectly I was ecstatic. One of my problems would be solved. The Material and the flow of this fabric is exquisite. Most of all it is so easy to care for.

The Founder, Pauline, has so many styles for many women of all age groups. Styles that flatter any body shape.

marline - 2

I was attracted to this company in many ways. The clothing hides any areas of our concerns. Let’s face it, we all have areas we want to cover up. I’ve been ill for the past four years and have lost 50 pounds.

I am struggling with the so-called “bat” wings on my arms. I’m sure some of you gorgeous women can relate. I am very self-conscious about it.

This “peek-a-boo” cut out sleeve top with a flattering a-line body covers all my areas of concern.

Marline -3

I feel very stylish in this top and even a bit sexy with a bit of arm showing through ever so slightly. NO “wing” seen in this top. I gain so much confidence wearing it. You can style it in so many various ways.

Have a look to see how I styled this gorgeous top. It also comes in other colors but my favorite is black. When you feel great in your clothes, you feel like there’s nothing stopping you.

Thank you, Pauline, for such an extravagant line of clothing.

There's a special, when you buy 2 you get a 3rd free any combination, sitewide.

Happy Shopping

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