Note from Pauline Durban, President and Founder of Covered Perfectly - Let's give a big welcome to Rosemond. She's a writer for and this is her first review for Covered Perfectly. She's covering a topic that so many of us have an interest in. How to cover your tummy (and muffin top). I'm sure you will agree she looks beautiful and represents women over 40 perfectly!

Over to Rosemond...

So many women over 40 seem to share the same concern. How to dress to look stylish AND hide our belly at the same time. I’m not very large in size but as I’ve gotten older, all of my weight seems to settle around my middle which makes it challenging to dress in a way that doesn’t call attention to my midsection.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned that help camouflage a belly, and The Wrap Over top covers them all.

The Perfect Top I’ve styled the Wrap Over Top to show how a top with ruching and draping can help camouflage your midsection.

I was excited to try the Wrap Over Top which is made of MicroModal, a soft and breathable fabric that drapes without being clingy. Covered Perfectly tops are designed for women over 40 to help us make the most of our assets (and downplay those less-than-perfect-parts). Click here to check out the complete collection.

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Don’t tuck your shirt in Tucking your shirt in creates a strong visual line at your waist and draws attention to the thickest part of your body. If you tend to be thick around your middle, instead of tucking your tops into pants and skirt, wear tops that drape over that portion of your body and don’t call attention to it.

Select tops and shirts that end below your midsection Make sure to select shirts that end below, not at, the thickest part of your belly. If that’s your lower tummy area, select a longer shirt that falls below your tummy area. All Covered Perfectly tops are made with a little extra length to cover the midsection.

Look for ruching or soft gathers A top with soft gathers, ruching or gathering can help hide any bulges in the tummy area. This style has a draped wrap top with a wide ruched band which helps hide the lower tummy area

Make sure your top is not too clingy Look for tops that skim over the tummy area. Stay away from anything too clingy which will only accentuate any bumps or bulges you have. Covered Perfectly offers a complete collection made of the perfect material to avoid the "cling", click here to see the MicroModal Collection.

A deep v neck can help create a slimming line V necklines can help draw attention to your face and away from your problem areas while creating a strong vertical line, which is flattering on just about everyone. I’ve styled the Wrap Over Top in two very different ways to show you a casual and dressy look.

I’ve worn it casual with a black puffer vest, distressed denim, and black perforated slip-on sneakers. For a dressier look I’ve paired the this style with slim black crop pants, high heeled lace-up oxfords, and a silver statement necklace. And, I don’t have much of a bustline so the drape front on the top helps me look like I have a bit of a fuller bust than I do, another plus in my book! In turn, for bustier women, the drape creates the perfect balance.

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