How to Wear Leopard Print - From Work to Rock Star - Thea Wood

How to Wear Leopard Print - From Work to Rock Star - Thea Wood

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - I'm very grateful that so many new bloggers have joined our family in recent months. This is Thea's first review and I love what she has done with the leopard print vest.

Over to Thea...

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to wear leopard print for different occasions. At certain times it seems inappropriate or is a stretch for your personal style profile. If you love it but aren’t sure how to wear leopard print, here are a few ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe for various occasions.

#1 How to Wear Leopard Print for Workplace Style

If you work in a fairly conservative office, try wearing a leopard scarf like a vest. This leopard Cascading Vest from Covered Perfectly (which provided the garment) is indeed a vest made from a lightweight scarf-like material.

Benefits: — The lightweight fabric doesn’t add bulk to your silhouette. With a belt, it even shows off your wait. Make sure the belt is dark. — The print’s traditional color scheme complements most color palettes.

I layered it over a red dress (which is in line with my style profile), but it will look great with navy, dark brown, black, and even winter white. — The print “sasses” up an otherwise masculine outfit (like a pant or skirt suit) without showing skin.

#2 How to Wear Leopard Print for Mom Style

Running to the grocery store, attending soccer games, and meeting moms at playdates. These types of activities are a part of my regular weekend routine. But sporting yoga pants and running shoes as daily wear just isn’t my style.

Why not add leopard print accents in a comfortable and functional way? I bought these Ralph Lauren kitten heels and handbag a few years ago in New York. They have paid off!

Perfect for my weekend warrior activities and still true to my style profile. Instead of wearing black as the main color,

I matched merlot-colored pants and a Simple Comfort top (provided by Covered Perfectly) with my rugged vest. These earth tones convey a message of approachability and earthiness.

3. How to Wear Leopard Print for Rock Star Style

My husband and I love going to rock concerts. This means “toughening up” my look to blend with the legions of fans typically dressed in black t-shirts and jeans. Honestly, that combination makes me look like a dude.

The same leopard print vest mentioned above is the perfect way to fem up the traditional combo.

Add my lace-up boots from Nine West, and my rock star style works for the occasion but still speaks to my personal style profile (which has a glamour-puss gleam to it).

Have other tips for incorporating leopard print to your wardrobe? Add them below– I’d love to hear from you.

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Happy Shopping!

Cheers! Thea

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