I Love Hong Kong: King’s Dim Sum - By Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

I Love Hong Kong: King’s Dim Sum - By Ann, Kremb de la Kremb

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - Ann is Hong Kong, so you have interesting posts featuring her local eating places. I love that you chose the Popcorn jacket. Ann is another one who thinks outside the box and styled it tied at the front. Interesting as I do this too sometimes.

Over to Ann...


Ahh, it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. Last weekend our kids were actually both out of town. It was very odd to have them both away–there was a mixture of youthfulness and aging amongst Kevin and me.

On the one hand, we were like, “Woohoo! Kids are gone.” But then again we do so much together, it was easy to miss them both instantly.

One thing is for sure: I plan on enjoying each day with my two teenagers. The time is flying by, and I’d just like it to start slowing down!


King’s Dim Sum is so small that most of the seating is outside on the collapsible tables. No one speaks English there, but luckily they do have a translated menu. It’s the kind of fast-food restaurant where you tick the boxes with a pencil to place an order. Mmm, it’s so good!


On this casual weekend day, I went with layers: my Covered Perfectly cardigan was one of them. Usually, a cardi is worn open, but I tried styling this textured sweater a little differently by tying the front in a knot. This is one of those styling tricks that can give the illusion of a waist. I often do this with my tops.


Covered Perfectly is a great company started by a woman who wasn’t finding the clothes she wanted, so she made them herself.

I love that. I love this idea of creating exactly what one has in mind. Pauline, the founder, and designer sent me this sweater back in October. Hong Kong’s winter has been so mild this year, it wasn’t until last weekend that I was able to wear this stunner.

Luckily Covered Perfectly still has it and can be found HERE. I’m always so happy to work with Pauline as there are so many great staple pieces to be found on Covered Perfectly – wait till you see the next piece.

There's a special, that when you buy 2 you get to choose a 3rd free, with free returns too! Happy Shopping.

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