I'm finally Covered Perfectly!-by Pamela, from Style Yourself Confident

Note from Pauline Durban, President and Founder of Covered Perfectly: I met Pamela when my assistant, Rania contacted her to do a review. Turns out she's from my home country, England so we speak the same language lol. Pamela chose the ever popular Simple Comfort in pink and she looks fabulous. Check out her review below.

I'm finally Covered Perfectly!

I've had my eye on these rather special tops for quite a while before I contacted the team at Covered Perfectly. A range designed specially for Real Grown Up Women? I live in trousers so I'm always looking for tops. I want something better than a t-shirt, something that's comfortable, versatile, looks good and washes with no fuss. I don't want something that's cut for a teenager so it mustn't pull around the shoulders and it has to be long enough not to ride up. Not much to ask really! SYC1 Well the reviews for American made Covered Perfectly sounded almost too good to be true - so to find that Pauline, who created the range, was originally from the UK and has a sister 20 miles from here was a hoot! I have to say that Pauline was kind enough to send me this lovely pink top so I could review it for you - and hand on heart ladies, I love it! So used am I to products not coming up to quality or size that I actually ordered a Medium only to find that the sizing is accurate and I only needed a Small - with my 39" pear shaped hips! SYC4

Tunic Tops skim your bumps


Tuck it or belt it

That's because it's designed specifically for 'women over 40' - we do get to an age when we appreciate 'quality'. I don't buy many clothes so when I do I want something that feels good and looks good; something that doesn't need hitching up or pulling down; I expect perfect stitching and I want it to be versatile. This is far more than just a top - it's a quality garment. Made from the softest Micromodal fabric. It's weighty enough to skim the figure, long enough to be a tunic but with no bulk if you want to add a belt or tuck it in. SYC3 Well I've already worn it with casual pull-ups (I don't do skinnies), jeans and I've teamed it here with tailored trousers and a velvet jacket to go to the theatre. All in all, it's a pleasure to wear and already has a well-earned place in my wardrobe. I've left it a bit late to start being a fashion model and my husband's camera works better with birds and flowers - but this certainly won't be the last Covered Perfectly top I show you. Oh and I must tell you - there's a very generous Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer. Take a look at the whole range, there are loads of styles for all body shapes and a fabulous color range. Happy Shopping! Check out Pamela's blog here.
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