#LifeAtaCertainAge MODEL BEHAVIOR- By Mary Ann Simonetti

Note from Pauline Durban, President and Founder of Covered Perfectly - I love Mary Ann. I met her when she won a contest that we ran to join us for a day at our photo shoot. I invited her back to another shoot. She is such a great lady and an author of some entertaining, fiction books. Check out her experience at the last photo shoot. Over to Mary Ann... #LifeAtaCertainAge means embracing new adventures….like doing things you never thought you would do in a million years…much less at this age… I recently spent a day as a model for the clothing company Covered Perfectly I will admit to getting a kick out of saying that I model clothing…particularly at age 60 and packing more weight than I would like.

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That’s me in the picture. I don’t actually look like that…well, I do if a professional makeup artist spends 30 minutes on me and a professional photographer catches me at just the right instant under just the right lighting while a professional model coaches me from the sidelines. In contrast, the Leisure Suit I'm wearing always looks fabulous in any lighting.

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My favorite part about modeling for Covered Perfectly- besides the clothes- is the camaraderie between the women working the photo shoot. The company is owned by Pauline Durban who also designs the clothes. One look at the styles and you will see that Pauline knows her audience- women over 50 who want to look stylish while still remaining comfortable. Click here to shop the complete collection.

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The photo shoots are all business- the models pull on a top, fluff their hair and step in front of the camera. The photographer takes three shots- if Pauline approves the images, the model steps away as another takes her place. The makeup artist stands by to brush away shiny spots and a stylist makes certain the clothes hang just right. There are 4 to 6 models in rotation all day and no one sits still for long.

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It occurred to me that these photo shoots are what #InternationalWomensDay was all about. Covered Perfectly is woman owned and operated and the product is designed for women. The photo shoots are wommaned by a female photographer, makeup artist, stylist and models. The energy is the room is definitely feminine, with the conversations ranging from kids, grand kids, careers and shoes. A lot of talk about shoes! All of this is discussed as the models duck in and out of the changing area and wait their turn in front of the camera. There is a lot of gentle cheering from the sidelines, too…every woman in the room lent encouragement to whomever stood in front of the camera.

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I enjoy every minute of my time with the Covered Perfectly team. I love the clothes…check out the Peek-a-Boo top… I love the fact when Pauline couldn’t find a top that fit her 50+ body she decided to design tops that fit her criteria…I love that the models are women who have bodies in different shapes and sizes…I love that the clothes are made in the USA.

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