Malibu Mystery Series by M.A. Simonetti

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - I met Mary Ann when we ran a contest in 2015. The winner of the contest got to spend a day with Covered Perfectly and model a few tops. She did such an amazing job that she has been back twice since then. You will find pictures of her on the Covered Perfectly website. What I didn’t know, was that Mary Ann is a published author under the name M. A. Simonetti. She was kind enough to bring me a copy of her books. I hadn’t read fiction books in a very long time but I loved them. There’s something about a mystery set in Malibu featuring a woman over 50! Below you will find a synopsis . If you are like me, you won’t be able to put them down. Women supporting women is my philosophy so treat yourself and buy all three. Over to Mary Ann... The Fox’s Watch “Don’t let the Fox Watch the Henhouse” Alana Fox is a woman of a certain age and the gatekeeper to Malibu’s social scene. For a small fee, Alana opens doors to parties, private shindigs, and premieres while keeping out the riff-raff like her ex-husband’s new wife, Little Miss Tight Buns. When a new client is murdered, Alana finds herself set up as the prime suspect. As she attempts to clear her name, Alana discovers she is about to be set up for yet another crime. And this time, the intended victim is Little Miss Tight Bun’s toddler son! The Third Side “There are Three Sides to Every Story; Yours, Mine, and the Truth.” In the second book in the Malibu Mystery Series, Alana Fox finds herself searching for the Truth. As a woman of a certain age and Malibu’s leading socialite, Alana is an expert at inserting clients into stellar social circles but a request from an acquaintance takes Alana by surprise. Francis Ferguson widow of legendary studio tycoon Milton Ferguson hopes to reconnect with a group of girlfriends from her days of working as a seamstress for the stars in 1940’s Hollywood. Getting the gals together proves difficult when a shocking tragedy puts the reunion on hold. To make sense of the tragedy, Alana finds herself uncovering decades-old family secrets- secrets that Frances kept hidden from her own children. The Most Guilty “Those who are caught are not always the most guilty.” –Aesop Alana Fox is a woman of a certain age and the gatekeeper to Malibu society. She is also no stranger to mystery- she’s already cracked two of Malibu’s toughest cases. Her latest adventure hits close to home when threats to gubernatorial candidate Ken Wheeler are carried out during a gala held at the York Estate. Ken is unharmed but Alana’s closest friend, Jorjana York, ends up in the ICU fighting for her life. Did the attack have anything to do with Wheeler’s shady past? Did it have anything to do with the theft of Alana’s vintage Mustang? To avenge her friend and find her missing car, Alana must dive deep into a world of political kingmakers and prolific car thieves. M.A. Simonetti is a Woman of a Certain Age whodivides her time between the Sonoran Desert and the beaches of SoCal. She blogs about #LifeAtaCertainAge. You can read the blogs and the first chapters of her books at

Here's Mary Ann pictured at her first Covered Perfectly photo shoot with Susan, from Fifty, not Frumpy and two of our other beautiful models .

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