Meet the Models - By Pauline Durban, President and Founder of Covered Perfectly

Every time a major company uses women over 40, women over 50 and beyond in their advertising campaign, it seems to be in the news or plastered all over social media, with these companies getting a big pat on the back. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they are doing this. However; at Covered Perfectly we have only ever used age appropriate models. Women who you can relate to and know what you will look like in these flattering designs, instead of seeing them on 20 something models. All of our models are over 40, actually only one is in her 40’s most are over 50 (and 60)! They are real women, of all shapes and sizes who are just like our customers. I wonder why we haven’t made it on to any news channels…lol Get to know some of the amazing models that grace the Covered Perfectly website. Some are old friends of mine, some are new friends. They are all beautiful!

Meet the models…

Dana - in her 40's Height: 5’2" Wears: Small Click here to shop the Wrap Over Top

Dana lives in Los Angeles with her husband, 14 year old daughter, black lab and black cat. She enjoys running, yoga and travel. Dana and I have been friends for many years. Here's what she has to say about Covered Perfectly - "I love Covered Perfectly because the fabric is so soft to the touch and the tops do not hug my lumps and bumps but hang flatteringly and forgivingly" :)

Michelle - in her 50's Height 5'9" Wears: 1X Click here to shop the Color Block Top

Michelle lives in Los Angeles here she works as an early education teacher and is an animal activist. She has 2 adult children, 2 rescue pups and a partner of 22 years. Here is what she had to say about Covered Perfectly - What I love about Covered Perfectly is it travels so well, and looks as great on wash number 20 as when it was brand new! It transitions well for me from a meeting to school day to going out for drinks with just a change in accessories or a jacket or shoes. I also love the Cascading Vests!! So versatile!! Julie - in her 50's Height: 5’6 Wears: Large Click here to shop the Flowy Jacket here to shop the Simple the Tank

Meet Julie, a wife, mom to six (4 bonus and 2 bio children) and grandmother to Gigi, Kennedy and Jordan. She is the owner of Stylish Paradox Personal Styling Services, a blogger and public speaker. Her passion is encouraging women of a certain age to continue to sparkle and show the world that they can still be “fly” and relevant; well past what society feels are their best years!

Here's what she said about Covered Perfectly - "I love that the Covered Perfectly pieces are well constructed, feels great against my skin and are flattering to my form. The Micro Modal fabric is amazing!"

Margie - in her 50's Height: 5’6 Wears: Small Click here to shop the Burnout Print Simple Comfort

Margie, is a Pop Singer and song writer. She writes music for TV and feature films. Her most recent solo CD release, "All I Need" was in the #1 position on Reverbnation for 16 weeks. Margie has over half a million YouTube views. Here's what she said about Covered Perfectly - "My favorite feature of the clothing is the springy nature of the fabric. You hold it and it bounces up and down like a bungee cord. The most comfortable and effortless clothing I’ve ever worn. Plus, they are pretty darn cute"! Maria- in her 50's Height: 5´3 Wears: Small Click here to shop the "Wendy" design Maria is originally from the UK and now lives in Spain where she operates a vacation rental business. We have been friends for over 30 years. Maria came out for my 60th birthday and I arranged a photo shoot at the same time so that she could be included. She gave us some great shots. Here's what she said about Covered Perfectly - "Living in Spain means I need to wear layers, because the weather is so interchangeable. The great thing about these tops are they are casual, comfortable, and ideal for business and pleasure. I can quickly dress it up by the adding the Cascading Vest. Dressing has never been so simple! Looking forward to the new additions". Tracy - in her 50's Height: 5'7"ears: Small Click here to shop the Fit & Flare Tracy and I have been friends for a very long time. She was there in the beginning with me, coming to many production meetings and was my fit model. Tracy is a mental health counselor who works with special education in high schools. Here's what she said about Covered Perfectly - "One of the reasons I like Covered Perfectly is the tops are casual but professional. I always feel appropriate which is important when working in a school setting. I wear the tops with jeans, a jacket and boots or cute sandals and I look polished and approachable at the same time. Very key to look cool AND professional when working with teens". Mary Ann - in her 60's Height: 5'2" Wears: X-Large Click here to shop the Simple V I met Mary Ann when she won a contest to join us for a day at the photo shoot. She writes mystery novels, blogs about #LifeAtaCertainAge and divides her time between the Sonoran Desert and the beaches of SoCal. Mary Ann says... "give me a comfy outfit, a good book and an ice cold glass of chardonnay and I will be happy for hours". Here's what Mary Ann said about Covered Perfectly - "I love the softness, the perfect fit, the fact they are made in the USA...but mostly I love Pauline's story! I am a big fan of her...I love that she set out on her own to solve a problem...she is my hero"! Susan - in her 60's Height: 5' 6" Wears: Medium Click here to shop the Simple Comfort Susan has been blogging about aging with style and grace for more than six years. At sixty years old, she now travels and speaks to women's groups about style, health, and the many pleasures of being at this stage of life. Susan said..."I wear Covered Perfectly tops several times a week and I always use one of them as an example of the "just right Goldilocks Top" in my talks when I travel. They can be worn dressed up or down, worn alone or layered with a jacket or vest and they are the perfect background for statement necklaces". Here's what Susan has to say about Covered Perfectly - "I love to wear Covered Perfectly tops because they are so soft and perfect for layering. The neckline of the Simple Comfort is ideal for my roundish face but there is a great neckline for every face shape. The Cascading Vest makes the best traveling companion ever"! Jennifer - in her 60's Height: 5’4 Wears: Medium Click here to shop the Cascading Vest and here for the Long Sleeved Simple Comfort Jennifer is an open book who is an Image Consultant and Over 50 fashion and lifestyle blogger. She encourages women to live with great style and is proud to be 60! Here's what Jennifer said about covered Perfeclty - "I love the drape of the silky feeling fabric and that they cover my arms"! Colleen - in her 60's Height: 5'5" Wears: Large Click here to shop the Peek-a-Boo Top Colleen is going to be 65 in July. She has a rich full life surrounded by her grandchildren and a great grandchild. Colleen won a contest to come model for us and she has been back a few times since then. I'm sure you can see why. Here's what Colleen said about Covered Perfectly - "Modeling for Covered Perfectly has been a great joy for me. I truly believe it changed my life, for the best. I believe woman are beautiful and creative at any age. I am so proud to represent this great company and work with the most amazing women. I love the tops for many reasons. They are very comfortable and soft. They are easy to take care of and always look nice. You can dress them up or down". So there you have it. Flattering fashion made in America, for mature women , presented by real women. To check out the full collection click here.

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