Most Versatile Tank and Cardigan For Your Wardrobe - Liz, 40 Plus Style

Most Versatile Tank and Cardigan For Your Wardrobe - Liz, 40 Plus Style

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - Liz is an editor and 40 Plus Style and she chose one of our "it" items, the Popcorn Jacket. She shows you how to style it a number of ways so be sure to take a look at the pictures below.

Over to Liz...

According to recent stats, women-only regularly wears 20 percent of the clothes in their closet. And, I have to admit, I’m probably guilty of this too! But, I’ve now found two new pieces that I could wear nearly 100 percent of the time.

It’s hard to find something that the black tank top and long cardigan from Covered Perfectly don’t go with!

The brand was specially created to give women fashion which can enhance what they like and downplay what they aren’t so confident about. As someone without many curves, I tend to try to create long, lean lines with my outfits, to skim over the fact that my waist isn’t, well, much of a waist! The Popcorn Jacket from Covered Perfectly is the ideal piece to do this with.

Black tank top

A black tank top is one of those basics that every wardrobe needs! I packed the black Scoop Neck Tank from Covered Perfectly on a recent vacation to Indonesia and teamed with everything from wide-legged trousers to shorts. Made of supersoft MicroModal with a bit of Spandex thrown in, it’s incredibly comfy and, while it doesn’t lose its shape, it skims rather than clings.

Long cardigan as a vacation cover-up

Lightweight and hard to crease, even if you roll it up and stuff it into your suitcase, the Popcorn Jacket proved to be an ideal vacation cover-up. Perfect for slipping over a sleeveless top when the temperature dips a little when you go to dinner in the evening!

Belted with a dress

The Popcorn Jacket is already asymmetric, with a longer hem at the front than the back. Plus, belting it creates more of a waterfall effect while elongating and slimming, as you create a block column of color at the front. I’m wearing it with a Calvin Klein dress I’ve had for decades and chunky jewelry from Next.

With black

The Popcorn Jacket goes particularly well with black, so I’m also trying it out with the black tank from Covered Perfectly. It’s ideal for casual days, worn in a really simple way over the black tank and with a pair of black jeans. But, I also liked adding another elongating layer.

The scarf also added a splash of color. The elongating effect is a great way to hide a belly, and there are more ideas from Rosemond in her earlier article about Covered Perfectly on the best tops for hiding a belly.

For an evening out

I also found the Popcorn Jacket was luxe enough to work well with eveningwear. It provided interest and texture to an otherwise simple, pleated Ralph Lauren dress, which was a bargain from TK Maxx.

Which is your favorite way to wear a long cardigan? What are the two things you couldn’t live without in your own closet?

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Happy Shopping!

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