My Eyebrow Adventure - By Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly

After chemo 9 years ago, (I’m a breast cancer survivor), and just the natural aging process, my eyebrows have all but disappeared. For my 60th birthday in February, I promised myself the gift of eyebrows…Tuesday, I had them done! A few years ago I saw Ruth Swissa featured on local TV, I Googled her, gave them a call and booked an appointment. As it got closer to the time I needed to leave, I got a little bit anxious. Like the next person, I don’t like pain. I was thinking I should have got someone to drive me, then I could have had a vodka for Dutch courage lol. I got there early as I knew I was going to have to sign my life away plus, I wanted plenty of time for the numbing cream to kick in. I felt comfortable as soon as I got there. Linda the receptionist, despite being busy on the phones was friendly and helpful, as she had been when I first called. She applied the numbing cream and I sat for a while. Then Ruth came out to get me to start the process… The first thing she did was ask me what I wanted. My thoughts were that I didn’t want to go too dark, she agreed. She then drew in the shape of my how my eyebrows are going to look. Next Ruth put three dots on my forehead and took me to the natural light. I went with the middle one, not too dark, not too light. She went with the hand application, which is better for my delicate sensitive skin. Ok, now it’s time! I took a deep breath as she started. I was amazed, it really didn’t hurt. It was a little uncomfortable a couple of times on the first round, but nothing major After that it didn’t hurt at all. I was in love with this lady… Ruth walked me through everything step by step. She is a perfectionist, which works for me. I love the way it’s done in small strokes to make it look just like natural. There was a little bleeding and I bruised a bit, which didn’t surprise me as I bruise really easy but all in all, it was a totally painless procedure. When she was done, she cleaned up stray hairs with the threading technique, which incidentally is so much better for you than waxing that rips you skin. After giving me creams to use for the next few days and directions of what I can and can’t do, I was on my merry way a very happy camper. One thing Ruth pointed out that by the 5th day, they would be 40% lighter. Now I’m thinking I should have gone darker. That’s what the free follow up is for, this is done 4 – 6 weeks later. (Just before the next photo shoot). I asked a lot of questions and found out that not only do people travel from all over the United States, she has clients come from as far away as Australia. She also has at least one correction every day, from other clients who had their eyebrows done somewhere else and she fixes them. One other thing, I opted for the Aguora Hills office where the prices are much less than the Beverly Hills office (Ruth does both places), I don’t need to say…”I got it done in Beverly Hills”. If you have ever thought about having this procedure done, I recommend Ruth Swissa. You can find out more about her on the website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. P.S. I’m hooked. Next, I’m going to have permanent eyeliner on my top lids…stay tuned. Pauline Durban is the founder and president of Covered Perfectly. To read her story of why she started this company dedicated to women over 40 click here. Check out the short video Pauline-Before-and-After from Pauline Durban on Vimeo.

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