OK so I'm 60 - By Pauline, Founder of Covered Perfectly

It happened quite suddenly. One minute I was in my 50’s and then POW! I was 60! How on earth did that happen? I didn't even have time to obsess about it.

Has it changed my thinking or my life? NO! I’m still the same person, in fact, I laugh every time I think about being 60. I still feel the same as I did when I was 30. I’m still a workaholic and work 14-16 hours pretty much every day. I’m totally married to my business and I love it. I’ve always been this way, whether running my own business or working for someone else.

I still wear high heels pretty much every day, no matter what I’m doing, sometimes they are wedges, but they are always high. Occasionally they are kitten heels, however; I hate flats. Yes, I find high heels comfortable, when they stop being comfortable I will stop wearing them, not because society says so…it will be when I decide. Makeup is not my thing. If I have a meeting or I’m going out socially, I wear it, however; for everyday life, not so much, no mascara, no lipstick, nothing! Something that has changed over the years is my eyebrows. They pretty much disappeared, chemo, too much plucking, you know how that works…so I had them tattooed. That was my gift to me for my 60th birthday. I love them! eyebrows-3-stagesBefore, directly after and two months later (with professional makeup but no color added to the brows). I also had eyeliner tattooed. ouch but so worth it. One thing I have noticed, the tighter my pants/jeans…the worse my muffin top. The tighter my top…the more it clings. Choosing the right size is vital, even if I have to surrender and go up a size. When I was 50, I was a size 4, at 60 I’m not, nor do I want to be, I’m happy with my size and I now have clothes that cover me in all the right places. Hence; Covered Perfectly was born. When most people are thinking about retirement, I started a business. Have you read My Story? Then there’s my hair. It’s long! Not as long as it was, but it's not short. When I hit about 45, I started growing it. I tried cutting it a few times, but I like it long, so why not! Now, I am growing out years of bleaching and letting my gray come through. So many beautiful gray-haired women inspired me to do it, blame them. Update...I tried letting my hair grow out and go gray but it didn't work for me. I still have way too much brown, so back to blonde. I will try again at some point. I love wearing leggings, they are comfortable and I wear them a lot. The length of the Covered Perfectly tops work well with them, especially in the winter with high heeled boots. I recently purchased some thigh high boots. They are very sexy! Everyone wants to know where I got them. It's my secret... I even push the envelope and wear patterned leggings. Oh no, not patterns lol. I’ve had people post on Facebook that 60-year-old women shouldn’t wear Cold Shoulder tops…Colleen is in her 60’s and she looks hot in the Cold Shoulder, as does Mary Ann. Who doesn’t want to look hot? We are older, not dead! Showing some skin makes you feel sexy without revealing too much and let’s be honest…feeling sexy is good at any age. colleen-maryann-0019 Another said the keyhole cutouts in the Allyson were too revealing. Come on, it’s just a little bit of skin, let’s not be a prude. There are a lot of mean people online who have nothing better to do. If you want to know how I feel about people that leave mean comments on Social Media, check out an article I wrote, click here. Because I advertise to women over 50, I sometimes get women who say, you shouldn't have to cover yourself up because you are a certain age. They are absolutely right. You should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I choose to cover my arms and cover my stomach. You choose what is best for you. I started Covered Perfectly as fashion for women over 50, then it changed to fashion for women over 40 because they didn't want to be left out...I guess we can say that Covered Perfectly also provides fashion for women over 60 and beyond... Of course, it's only my opinion, but just because we are getting older, we don’t have to dress frumpy. We can be who we want to be, dress how we want to dress after all…we have earned it! Thank you for being part of my journey. Pauline Durban Founder/President of Covered Perfectly Because Looking Beautiful Never Gets Old! #womensupportingwomen - makes the world a better place.

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