Pack the Perfect Travel Essentials for a Spring Getaway - by Shelley

Pack the Perfect Travel Essentials for a Spring Getaway - by Shelley

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - Shelley was lucky enough to go on an Oprah Winfrey cruise and she took two of he Covered Perfectly tops with her. See what Shelley has to say about packing for that cruise.

Over to Shelley....


When you’re packing for a getaway and don’t have a checklist, it can quickly become an overwhelming experience. We’ve all been there – throwing everything we think we might need into the suitcase until it is too jam-packed to close and too heavy to manage.

But with a little forethought, packing can become an easy task. I recently returned from a Girls Getaway cruise and thought I would share a few tips and 10 perfect travel essentials I packed for a spring getaway.

A few ground rules:

1. Start packing a week ahead of time. This way, you have time to change your mind before the pressure of leaving overwhelms you.
2. Keep colors fairly neutral – black, grey, navy, black, khaki, white and sometimes red. And bring a pop of color.
3. Pack knits – they save space and less apt to wrinkle.
4. Choose items that can be used more than once in different outfits. Essential Pieces: 1. A good pair of blue jeans 2. White denim pants 3. A pair of Bermuda shorts 4. A short dress for day wear
5. A long or little black dress for evening wear
6. A loose-knit cardigan
7. Cotton camisoles: black, white and gray for layering
8. Bathing suit and beach cover-up (perhaps a sarong or an over-sized white men’s shirt)
9. 3-4 tops depending upon the length of stay
10. A zip-up jacket and lounge pants


1. Statement necklace
2. Statement earrings
3. Stud earrings
4. Sunglasses
5. Hat
6. Flip-flops (for the beach), wedge sandals and/or sneakers, evening shoes
7. Lightweight scarf
8. Straw beach bag for the day, small purse for the night

Shelley - 2

I chose white denim pants and this flattering wrap over top by Covered Perfectly for my first day aboard the ship. It’s a soft MicroModal material so it packs very well.


1. Sleepwear
2. Tights (if desired)
3. Undies Toiletries: 1. Toothbrush 2. Toothpaste 3. Cleanser
4. Moisturizer
5. Body lotion
6. Shampoo/conditioner
7. Make-up
8. Nail file and nail polish wipes (and nail glue if you have acrylic nails)
9. Contact lens necessities (if you wear contacts)
10. Advil, Tylenol, Immodium, and prescription medications
11. Razors
12. Ziplocked bags
13. Safety pin, tiny sewing kit, and bandaids


1. Laptop charger
2. Cell-phone charger
3. Extra cell-phone battery (charged)
4. Earphones


I chose a two-toned top with a pencil skirt (both also from Covered Perfectly) for a VIP reception event onboard. I hope you’ll use this guide when packing for your next warm-weather travel adventure! *

This is a sponsored post partnership with Covered Perfectly but as always, my opinions are always my own. Their clothing is very soft and comfy and when you buy two pieces, you get the third one free!

Happy shopping

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