PJ's, Leisure Suit, Call It What You Want But I Found My New Best Friend!- By Joely of Fashion Beyond Forty

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - When Joely chose the Leisure Suit to review, I was excited as I knew she would have fun with it and do an amazing job...she didn't disappoint. Just take a look at all that she did with them!

Over to Joely... What if I told you that I found the perfect Leisure Suit / PJs that you can wear from day to night, comfortably, without having night sweats, without having to worry about going outside in them, and they look, and feel great? Well I found them! They are from Covered Perfectly and they are in fact, perfect!

1-600x600Shop The Leisure Suit here I'ts no secret that I work from home, and part of working from home means some days, I just do not care to get dressed, or I do not have time to. Granted as a blogger who focuses on fashion I do get dressed more often than not, either for a photo shoot, or just to wear clothes I love. Some days though, I just want to be lazy, and totally comfortable but also fashionable and the Leisure Suit is perfect for those days.

2-600x600 I just love the cut of the top on the Leisure Suit! It has 3/4 sleeves, a crew neckline and fun asymmetrical hemline. Covers the rear end just enough, sleeves can be pushed up if you want, very cute! 3-600x600 The pants have a comfortable elastic waistband and I love that they are cropped, come right below the knee and have looser openings at the bottom to get some air flow. The soft and light material feels nice too! The Covered Perfectly Leisure Suit comes in three colors. Blush, Black, and Heather Grey as seen here. I ordered this set in size Medium. For reference I weigh 140 pounds, I am five foot three inches tall. Covered Perfectly has a sizing chart to help you find your perfect fit. 4-600x600 Oh and look, a delivery. No worries opening the door to the delivery guy in this outfit! I do not feel like a bum either! I feel like I am dressed just enough for a day at home, stylish and comfy! Remember how I said you could literally wear them outside to get your mail. Well I did, and I did not for one moment feel strange. In fact I felt better than when I have went out to get the mail in my sweats, or shorts and a tee. 6-600x600 Time to unwind and read a little but first I have to hue my Boo. I am just a big kid at heart. 5-600x600 I have had this book forever and finally am starting to read it! This Leisure Suit / PJ set is very comfortable ladies. After a full day of wearing, and I admit to still be wearing it right now as I am writing this, it moves with me, does not bind up, and feels great on my skin. Even with my large upper arms, you can see it looks bunched on them but I did not feel any tugging or pulling as the material has lots of stretch. I am tempted to keep wearing this all day today, but I should probably actually put some clothes on. The obvious solution for me is to buy this Leisure Suit / PJ set in the other two colors before they sell out!Word is that once the grey and blush sell out that’s it for those colors! Covered Perfectly says they will continue with the black color and hopefully get some new colors in but if you love the blush, or heather grey, go get them now! Fashion Beyond Forty readers can SAVE 20% on up to two items! Use the discount code FBF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from and the discount will apply on up to two items, OR, you can take advantage of the Buy 2 Get a 3rd FREE Special! Only one discount can be applied per order. Start shopping photo-all-colors If you would like to read more from Joely of Fashion Beyond Forty click here

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