Note from Pauline Durban, Founder of Covered Perfectly. A company dedicated to providing flattering fashion for women over 50. I love Nichole's reviews as she always thinks outside the box and styles them in a number of ways. She didn't disappoint. Check out what she did with the boat neck top.

Over to Nichole...

My regular readers know that I am a big fan of Covered Perfectly clothes as they are cut with the body of women over 40 in mind. I also love the incredible softness of their fabrics which are made from MicroModal®.

The fiber is made of European natural beechwood produced in Austria. This fabric is very breathable which is important to me. It helps you stay cool during the summer. Their tops are also easy to care for.

Plus they stay in great shape even after many machine washes. I tend to lay them flat to air-dry. Thus, I immediately accepted to review a sample of my choice from their summer collection.

Weekend outfit details: Boat-neck 3/4 sleeve top c/o Covered Perfectly with own DIY belt, DIY necklace, DIY skirt, DIY bangle, Hermes Collier de Chien bangle, Very Five Dancesport sandals (all own) and wooden sunglasses c/o Winkwood

The Covered Perfectly boat-neck top is true to size

The boat-neck comes in sizes S to 2X. I ordered size S and the shirt well fits in my shoulders (see photos) and well covers my bum (see photo at the dance studio). The T-shirt is tailored but has enough ease at the waist (check the size chart) so it well hides love handles and/or midlife belly fat and/or just being bloated (see photos).

Price-performance ratio

This top is available for $39.95. This means that it is very affordable even on a budget. Since it is well made, the fabric is high quality, easy to care for and very versatile to style (even when you choose a fashion color), I expect that it lasts at least two years in my closet like the other pieces I had and those I still have from Covered Perfectly.

Over that time I will get a lot of wear out of the top. This means the price-per-wear goes below a dollar over the item’s tenure in my closet. My regular readers know that this is my criterion to give a sample a thumbs up. Full disclosure: The shirt arrived a week ago and I already wore it three times! I truly love the cut and soft fabric so much that I am thinking about adding a white one.

Gym look details: Untucked boat-neck T-shirt c/o Covered Perfectly with own Very Fine Dancesport shoes, enamel bangle, snow crystal ponytail barrette, gemstone necklace, and earrings with sunflower print leggings c/o RedBubble

Olive boatneck Tee c/o Covered Perfectly with own purple statement belt, purple Prada pumps, amethyst bracelet, amethyst cat cuff, Ralph Lauren oblong scarf (all own) and layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store

Who will love this top?

I think every woman over 40 will find a top in the collection that camouflages what she wants to hide and emphasizes what she wants to show off.

The tops are made with the body of women in midlife in mind. Women who seek coverage of their cleavage, love-handles, belly fat and/or bum/hips (see photos at the gym for the tee’s length), as well as women who look for a modest or work-appropriate top that looks luxurious and is well made from breathable soft fabric, will love this boat-neck shirt.

Made in America

A thing my American readers might like is that the top is made in the USA. I definitively can recommend this top to my best friends. In summary... The boat-neck top is super soft, luxurious, affordable even on a budget, breathable, and feels like a second skin. It permits covering midlife body flaws and highlighting the assets and hence is a midlife woman’s Must-have.

Browse their new collection now. Pssst! Currently, there is a “Buy 2 and get the 3rd free – sitewide, any combinations” promo. It is automatically applied at checkout. If you don’t need three new tops, team up with two of your female friends. When you divide the bill by 3 you still save over buying just one!

Happy Shopping

Photos of me: G. Kramm Disclosure: The boat-neck top is a sample of my choice from Covered Perfectly. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post contains an affiliate link

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