THE COVERED PERFECTLY SNOWLEOPARD TOP - by Nichole from High Latitude Style

THE COVERED PERFECTLY SNOWLEOPARD TOP - by Nichole from High Latitude Style

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - Nichole has done a number of reviews for us and always comes up with fresh styling ideas. She didn't disappoint. I love what she has done with the popular snow leopard.

Over to Nicole...

Snow leopard is the animal print for fall and winter

In the 50s, leopard print was for date night and bombshells only. You wouldn’t have worn it to the office, church or any formal occasion. In this decade, leopard print became a classic, a perfect neutral. And this fall, animal print is a big trend.

Thus, when Pauline, the founder of Covered Perfectly, asked me to take a look at their new fall/winter collection, I was excited to see that they have a huge selection of all kinds of fur prints. I picked the V-neck snow leopard woman’s top for this review because its print is such a cool twist on the classics. The vertical design of the pattern has a slimming effect as does the v-neck.

If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I am a big fan of Covered Perfectly. I love that their pieces are designed with a mature body in mind.

Even when you are a small size and still have the same weight as in your twenties or pre-children, your “flesh” somehow seems to migrate to other body locations in midlife. Love handles, belly-fat, loss of fat in your boobs, neck fat, bingo wings, when you already hit menopause you know what I am talking about.

Like with previous orders, when I opened the package, I found the same high quality, great craftsmanship, and super-soft, softly flowing Micro-Modal fabric that nicely covers all lumps and bumps.

It’s rare to see these days that in fashion, a company sustains the quality of their products over time. So far their pieces never have disappointed me.

A wardrobe addition beyond the animal trend

This snow leopard print top is solving two problems,

  1. the need/lust to add a trendy piece to look modern and up-to-date as well as

  2. investing in a basic piece that lasts long-term, i.e. beyond this fall/winter season’s fashion trends.

Since leopard is a classic and the item’s quality is high, the piece can serve as a wardrobe basic for years to come. The twist of the snow leopard is perfect for fall/winter. I mean its the snow season, right? Ok, at least in the mountains and north of the snowline. 😉 And even when you live in the subtropics, black, white and grey always look work appropriate and elegant. Don’t you think so?


How to style snow leopard print

Of course, you can wear this print as an all-neutral look with a gray, black or white bottom. Add dress pants, skirt, jeans, leggings and even leather pants in these colors.

Pair the look with matching shoes, pearls or silver jewelry and you look posh and stylish in no time. Like with the brown-beige-black version of the feline’s fur print any bold jewelry color works well as a fashion statement.

The price-performance ratio is
in favor of the customer

You can order this modal top also as a scoop-neck when your cleavage allows for it. They are available in sizes S to 2X online at Covered Perfectly for $44.95. I expect to wear mine at least for the next three years.

Since the piece can serve as a basic neutral and it is also thin enough for layering, you can wear it during all seasons. Even if you wear the shirt only twice a month, the cost-per-wear will get below $1 over its tenure in your closet. That’s what I call a great deal. Thumbs up! 👍

Who would love the shirt?

All women who like a classic-with-a-twist or want to jump the bandwagon of the animal-print trend will like this shirt. Also, all women in midlife, who are arm-shy, will love the 3/4 sleeves.

The loose cut around the mid-body section “problem zones” is also perfect for women who want to cover love handles, their hips and/or bum. The Tee is also great for layering due to its thin fabric.

When you look for a breathable fabric made from sustainable, natural resources, this super comfy shirt is what you need. Plus it’s easy to wash and doesn’t need ironing. Just machine-wash on delicate, hang or lay it flat to dry.

Who needs a high maintenance shirt anyway? It’s also great for those who search for affordable clothing made in the USA. I definitively recommend this product to all my female friends.

In summary

This well-made, high-quality product designed with the mature body in mind has a fashion-forward print that also is a classic with a twist. It is a very affordable great investment into your wardrobe as it adds a trend and a basic at the same time.

Browse their collection now. Before I forget, they have a Buy 2, get the 3rd free discount that is automatically added at checkout. Only one discount per order.

Start Shopping!

Disclosure: The snow leopard shirt is a sample of my choice from Covered Perfectly. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post includes affiliate links.

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