SPRING COMFORT TOP- By Rhoda of Southern Hospitality

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - Rhoda has become a regular reviewer of Covered Perfectly and we are always welcome to have her. She always looks fabulous in whatever top she chooses. Simple Comfort is a favorite style and she has reviewed them in a number of colors. She looks good in them all! Check her out.This post was sponsored by Covered Perfectly. Over to Rhoda... I’ve shared several times before about the many and varied Simple Comfort tops from Covered Perfectly. Today I’ve got a new color to share in the classic Simple Comfort, this luscious shade of teal. Covered Perfectly caters to the over 50 woman by making (in the USA) soft and supple fabric tops that are comfortable, easy to take care of, and they are longer than normal, making them ideal for the older woman’s wardrobe. If you haven’t tried them yet, they are great pieces to have in your closet. This is definitely a favorite color of mine and a wonderful color to mix and match in your wardrobe. It happens to be a color that I wear a lot, so it’s perfect for me to layer in with my pants and jackets. The 3/4 sleeves of the Simple Comfort, make this top is comfortable enough to wear alone or use it underneath a jacket or sweater for extra color.

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These colors are definitely my kind of colors and I added nude tan leather wedge shoes with the white cropped pants for an outing I went to last week. I have this pretty spring sweater that I picked up last year with a built in scarf that’s just perfect with this teal top. The Simple Comfort top is a workhorse in the closet, so stock up on a few. I have several of them now and they definitely come in handy to mix and match with so many outfits. The fabric is so soft and it washes up well. Southern Hospitality readers can receive a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code SH20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. The discount will apply on up to two items. Or you can take advantage of the “Buy 2 get a 3rd Free” promotion, any combination, site wide. Happy Shopping! Click here to follow Rhoda on her adventures with fashion over forty, decorating, DIY projects and more!
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