Style and Comfort - Sherri, A Woman Thing

Style and Comfort - Sherri, A Woman Thing

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - Sherri is a customer of ours, when I found out she had a blog, I asked her to do a review. I'm happy that I did, she looks great! Be sure to check her out, I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot from Sherri in the future.


Over to Sherri...

I tend to hear “she is aging gracefully” more often than I would like, I prefer to think that our style evolves with age just as we do. I no longer worry about the latest trend because

I have learned that trends don’t last but personal style does. Sometimes when you find something that really works, you can’t wait to share the information, and that is the reason I wanted to highlight this brand. I found ‘Covered Perfectly’ because I was looking for a slightly forgiving shirt to wear over a new pair of jeans.

I wanted something a bit edgy but respectable at the same time. So once I found this brand, I had to have three, of course.

The red is the ‘Ruffled Neck with Bell Sleeves’, the white is the ‘Dana’ Cold Shoulder Micromodal and the black is the loose-sleeved ‘Allyson’ Keyhole Fit & Flare.

Honestly, they seemed too good to be true and I planned on having to return one, maybe even two, but once I tried them on, they were mine!! Although I bought them to go with my jeans, the styles work great with leggings as well as a maxi skirt. The black ‘Allyson’ seems a bit longer to me, with a bit more flare, so that one I prefer with leggings although my 17-year-old daughter suggested it could be knotted on the side for a different look.

Although I leave the trendy styles to my daughter these days, she does come up with a few good ideas ☺

The one that surprised me the most was the red ‘Ruffled Neck’. I don't generally consider myself a ‘red’ person, but the cut of this top is very flattering.

My favorite is white because I love the cold shoulder look. I pair it with a bright-colored scarf and you see just a hint of skin. It works during the day and can go straight into the evening.

A couple of bonuses - the fabric is about as comfortable as you can get and the colors don’t fade when you wash them.

I think I may have to take advantage of the “buy two, get the third free” and try the vest next time… As A Woman Thing subscriber, you SAVE 20% on one or two items when you shop at Covered Perfectly! Use the discount code 20SP when you check out. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply for up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special. This special applies to any combination of items sitewide when you add 3 items to your cart, the discount will be applied automatically. Only one discount will work per order.

Start shopping!

For more details on Sherri's blog, click here. Sherri, is an affiliate with Covered Perfectly and links are included in this post.

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