Take A Walk - by Susan, from Susanafter60.com

Take A Walk - by Susan, from Susanafter60.com

Note from Pauline Durban, founder/president of Covered Perfectly. A company dedicated to providing flattering fashion for women over 50. Susan, formally of Fiftynotfrumpy.com, always amazes me with the articles she comes up with to help other women. This one is no different, plus...she is wearing the Fit and Flare on her walk. WOW! She now has a website susanafter60.com dedicated to women over 60.

Over to Susan...

Walking has been my preferred exercise since childhood. Roaming the hills and woods surrounding the farmhouse that was my family home in Western North Carolina allowed my imagination to run free. In all the cities and towns I have lived since I have mapped out my walking route as soon as I unpack all the boxes.

I cherish the walking paths and quiet streets of my neighborhood which allow me to walk up and down hills and around lakes for more than three miles. Black bears have visited in the spring and fall for the past few years and coyotes are often seen prowling through backyards. I would rather not surprise them as they search for food, so I have stopped going for walks before dawn.

Walking during the morning hours offers several benefits. The air is less polluted and cooler. An early in the day walk clears the mind and lifts the spirits. It starts the day on a positive note and keeps energy high for several hours. A brisk walk helps with digestion, promotes better sleep habits and gives me glowing skin. Clothing and shoes can make a significant difference in the quality and duration of my walk. If my shoes fit poorly or they are not the right type of shoe for over supinating, pain and discomfort will cut my walk short every time. (Supination is also why I never wear ballet flats.)

If clothes are too loose-fitting or constricting, they can irritate my skin. The best clothing to wear includes soft, comfortable fabrics that breathe and move with the body. The first time I wore workout leggings by 90 Degree by Reflex, I came home and ordered two more pairs right away. The range of motion and comfort was so much higher than in the jeans I had been wearing recently. My thought process was, “I’m just going for a walk.

Why do I need special clothes for that?” The Covered Perfectly Fit and Flare tops are not intended to be workout wear, but I have found these to be extremely comfortable for walking. The benefits over other workout tops include hiding the tummy and the backside without making me look like I am wearing a tent and the slightly fitted bodice stays in place. These tops are comfortable to wear when it’s hot and easy to layer a jacket over when needed.

The shoes worn to take long walks must be supportive and comfortable, but they must also be the correct type of shoe for our feet. My feet roll outward (over supinate) as I walk so that the tread on the outside of the sole wears out first as shown above on my favorite walking shoes. When I shop for replacements, I will look for similar shoes designed for supination for maximum comfort and preventing blisters and callouses from forming. Do you know if your feet pronate or supinate?

There are four basic foot shapes: the Roman Foot, the Square Foot, the Greek Foot, and the Egyptian Foot. Learning more about the tendencies and shape of your feet can help you make a better choice when you buy your next shoes for long walks. Orthotic inserts can be worn to prevent excessive pronation or supination further.

Here is an article about how running or walking shoes should fit. My Covered Perfectly Fit and Flare top are here. They are also available in a V-neck.

When you buy two tops, the third is free! This will automatically be deducted at check out. OR. you can buy one or two and receive a 20% discount, use FNF20 at checkout. Only only one discount will work per order.

Happy Shopping.

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