The Third Piece Rule in Fashion - by, Rosemary from Distinctly Southern Style

The Third Piece Rule in Fashion - by, Rosemary from Distinctly Southern Style

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - When Rosemary offered to review the new MicroModal Vest with pockets, I knew it would be a winner and she didn't disappoint. I love what she did with it. Take a look.

Over to Rosemary...

Adding The Third Piece

Have you ever heard of the “third piece rule” in fashion? Well, it goes like this: When you add a third piece to your outfit that simple act takes the entire outfit to that next level. So, if you want to be more stylish and polished try adding a third piece the next time you are putting together your outfit for the day. I promise you are going to love it!

Now, that third piece can be anything that stands out such as a blazer, jacket, coat, vest, sweater, cardigan. If the weather is too warm for layering then add accessories, like hats, scarves, or statement necklaces.

Covered Perfectly Vest


Speaking of a third piece, I am excited to share with you, this vest that I received this week from my friend Pauline Durban of Covered Perfectly in California.

Pauline is the founder of Covered Perfectly. Her company is dedicated to providing comfortable, flattering clothing with the mature woman in mind. Yes, ladies her tops fit us and they feel so good too!

Now, part of the secret of Covered Perfectly clothing is the feel. Ultimately, the focus is not only on the fit but the feel of the fabric on our skin. Covered Perfectly tops are made of MicroModal. It is super-soft, luxurious and very comfortable. Truly, this is a breathable fabric, which is all-important when we are wanting to keep our cool.

By the way, did I share with you that all Covered Perfectly items are made in America?

I have been enjoying my Covered Perfectly tops for over a year now and they are still like new. Here, I am sharing is a link to one of my favorite Perfectly Covered tops that I have been wearing constantly (here).

Now, back to the third piece to today’s outfit. This vest is perfection! Because it is so lightweight it makes the perfect third piece and it certainly steps these white jeans and sleeveless top up a fashion notch.

And ladies, wearing a vest is a wonderful way to hide that little bit of thickness around the middle.

Best of all, one of my favorite things is the pockets! Yes, it has pockets plus a button closure. So you can button it up or leave it open. So many ways to style this Covered Perfectly Vest With Buttons.

Shopping Made Easy

For all you special readers at Distinctly Southern Style, you can receive a 20% discount off 1 or 2 items by using the coupon code RD20 at the checkout at Covered Perfectly. OR 2 can buy 2 and get your 3rd free, sitewide, any combination.

Lastly, a big thanks to Pauline and Covered Perfectly for partnering in today’s post! This post contains affiliate links which may generate income for Distinctly Southern Style.

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