Tops Made Especially for Women Over 40- By Jodie's Touch Of Style

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - I absolutely love that Jodie's blog post includes her mom and step-mom to show how women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s can all look fabulous. What an amazing concept. Check out what Jodie has to say. Over to Jodie... 3-photos-1200x628Shop the Allyson here, the Twofer here and the Simply Square here.

So what makes a top better for us older women? The company Covered Perfectly thinks they have it all figured out! The whole idea of the tops that are made by Covered Perfectly is that they cover the parts you want covered just perfectly. That means the sleeves are a little longer and even the body portion is longer. They also make sure that the material is super soft against your skin.

The three of us were given new tops to review for your pleasure. I wanted to show the same tops styled 2 different ways so you could get an idea of the different possibilities! And the greatest part of this is that you can benefit also. Jodie’s Touch of Style readers get a 20% discount on up to two items! Use the discount code JF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items. You may also take advantage of the buy 2 get the 3rd FREE special. Only one of the discounts will work.

Jodie (50’s) Casual Outfit: casual

I chose the Allyson Keyhole top in Violet. The most popular way to wear the Allyson is with leggings, so I pulled out my printed leggings!

I think the keyhole detail in the Allyson top gives it a newer, contemporary feel. What is really nice is that the keyholes are positioned so that my bra straps don’t show. The body of the Allyson is slightly flared which makes for a flattering silhouette, and absolutely perfect to pair with any leggings or skinny jeans. For reference, I’m wearing a size small and I am 5’2″. The hem comes to mid-thigh on me, whereas it looks a little shorter on the models on the Covered Perfectly Website.

Jodie (50’s) Dressy Outfit:


I actually tried wearing the Allyson top as a dress for this category in my initial attempt. However, even with the extra coverage from the below the knee boots photo on the right), I felt like it was just too short for comfort. And I wasn’t sure that women my age could relate. I kept the same components, but added a swing skirt under the Allyson that was the same color. I felt like it almost looked like a one-piece dress with 2 layers.

Nancy (60’s) Casual Outfit:nancy-casual

Nancy’s is wearing the Twofer. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that it was just one top made to look like a top & jacket layered together. The “top” and “jacket” are attached at the side seam, so they drape very nicely. You can see how the back portion is longer than the front. Since Nancy is only 5’0″ tall, even the front portion is long enough for her to pair with her leggings. The under layer of this top that has the drape neckline is quite generous. It was great that we were able to tuck part of it into Nancy’s bra so when she leaned forward, there was no exposure.

Nancy (60’s) Dressy Outfit:


For Nancy’s fancier outfit, I pair the Twofer with velvet trousers & heels! If you’re one of those people that love the look of a jacket, yet find it too constricting or if tend to be warm all of the time, then the Twofer is the perfect top for you. The Twofer is also available in black with a white insert or white with a black insert if you aren’t a fan of green! But beware, I’ve been seeing a lot of green in the stores lately!

Charlotte (70’s) Casual Outfit: charlotte-casual I picked out the Simply Square top for my mom. Her decolletage is so pretty so I wanted to show it off. I know mom always feels the need to cover it up with jewelry. However, the gorgeous wine color of the Simply Square top stands our without the extra accessories. For the casual pairing, I added her leopard print jeans to create a fun element to this top. Like all of the Covered Perfectly tops, these are made to be long. My mom is 5’4″, so we decided to tie up the side to shorten it up a bit. The material in these tops are a dream to wash. They don’t wrinkle, I hang to dry and they stay so soft! Charlotte (70’s) Dressy Outfit: charlotte-dressy I decided to pair the wine Simply Square top with a print skirt. Most of us think of a maxi skirt as a summery item. But since you could add layers under the skirt, it can be perfect for cooler days, too! If you would like more of Jodie's style ideas click here

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