WE’RE STILL HERE AND WE WANT SLEEVES -  By Mary Ann, From M.A. Simonetti Life At A Certain Age

WE’RE STILL HERE AND WE WANT SLEEVES - By Mary Ann, From M.A. Simonetti Life At A Certain Age

Note from Pauline Durban Founder of Covered Perfectly - I met Mary Ann when she won our photoshoot contest. I loved her and she did such a good job that I invited her back.

She kindly gifted me copies of her two books and I highly recommend them. If you like fiction and the fantasy of Malibu, you will love her books. Check them out on Amazon.


In the US today there are 58 million women (give or take) over age 50. You would think that a group that large would attract attention from companies selling things such as clothes, cosmetics, shoes, movies, vacations, books, magazines, etc.

But I can tell you, as a woman of 60, it is damn near impossible to find products aimed at my demographic.

Clothes? Just try finding a dress with sleeves.

Shoes? Every cute shoe comes with a 4-inch heel. Cosmetics? Look at any ad and the model is 18 and wearing purple glitter shadow. Vacations? Always feature twenty-somethings cavorting on a beach in bikinis. TV and Movies?

Again, the heroine is always twenty-something. But often her love interest is a guy in his 60’s. Magazines? The high fashion magazines must scour middle schools for their models. Even “More” magazine, which is supposedly aimed at mature women, has articles aimed at the forty-somethings. And then there are books.

While there are dozens of novels featuring tough, independent and successful heroines out there…Stephanie Plum and Kinsey Milhone are two of my favorite kick-ass heroines…they are in their thirties. Mystery novels with older heroines tend to be ‘cozies’ where the characters spend an inordinate amount of time drinking tea and feeding their cats.

My Malibu Mystery Series follows the adventures of Alana Fox who is facing her 50th birthday in the next book. I have self-published through Amazon because the comment I hear from agents is that they love her but I need to make her younger because “No one wants to read about a woman that old”. I kid you not.

Note from Pauline: I loved her books. Check them out on Amazon 58 million women in this country and no one is paying attention to us. Perhaps it is time they did. Here is a shortlist of dynamic women over 60:

Pauline Durban-
is the President and Founder of Covered Perfectly, an online clothing store that caters to women over 40. Pauline couldn’t find tops that flattered her shape so she took matters into her own hands and started designing them herself. Her tops are soft, flattering and have SLEEVES!

Visit her website and read her story- she is inspiring.

Shop the slimming Color Block here Shop the flattering Wrap Over here

Kim Catrall- stars in “Sensitive Skin” as Davina Jackson, a woman coming to grips with aging. This dark comedy is hilarious, touching and real. It is filmed in Canada and you can watch it on NetFlix. Susan Street– garnered a following on Facebook featuring fashions for women over 50. She now has an upbeat and inspiring website at SusanAfter60.com and continues to offer practical and stylish fashion advice for women of a certain age.

All of the models in the books “Advanced Style” and “Advanced Style: Older and Wiser”. Ari Seth Cohen celebrates women with style…and all of them are over 70! So follow these women, support their work and let’s demand clothes with sleeves!

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