YOU’RE COVERED PERFECTLY - By Deborah of Fabulous After 40

YOU’RE COVERED PERFECTLY - By Deborah of Fabulous After 40

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of Covered Perfectly - This is the first interview I gave back in 2013 when I first started Covered Perfectly. Deborah from Fabulous After 40, really knows the right questions to ask. It was a fun interview and I think you will enjoy it. 

Over to Deborah...

Dressing after 40 can be a real challenge. Our bodies are changing, we’re getting a little rounder and softer, and it’s hard to find clothes to fit right and cover up the not so perfect bits.

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Thankfully, Pauline Durban has come to the rescue. At 56 Pauline came up with a brilliant idea for a clothing line I love called Covered Perfectly. 

Here’s the interesting story behind these very practical and stylish designs that you will definitely want to check out.

Deb: Pauline, they say the best ideas spring from a problem. Tell us what was going on at the time when you invented Covered Perfectly.

Pauline: I was looking for something to wear to a party, and nothing was working. There I was standing in front of the mirror, with a pile of clothes on the bed, feeling very frustrated. Then I realized it’s not me, it’s my clothes. The sleeves on my clothes were too short to cover that part of my arms that I’d rather not reveal. The tops weren’t long enough to cover my tummy. It dawned on me that there was no one out there designing clothes for me!

Deb: I can relate. I can’t believe how hard it is to find a top or dress with sleeves these days. I’m tired of always having to wear a jacket or sweater over top of my clothes because I don’t want to bare it all, or I’m just plain cold.

Pauline: It turns out that we’re all having these problems. When I discussed this with my friends, I discovered that they were experiencing the same thing. They didn’t know where to turn…..And you know it didn’t matter that people told me I looked great. It truly came down to how I felt about myself. I wanted to wear comfortable clothes that covered my “issue” areas and flattered my shape, but finding clothes that fit the bill was a huge challenge.

Deb: That’s when you got the idea?

Pauline: YES, it was May 2012! I just knew that there had to be a solution. So I set about to design a line of ladies tops that cover all the right parts…perfectly! I wasn’t a designer, I had a business background, but I knew I could make this work.

Deb: The fabric is fabulous. What are your tops made from?

Pauline: Before starting Covered Perfectly, I looked at many fabrics and blends. My search finally led me to MicroModal which is a natural fabric made from the fiber of the European Beechwood. MicroModal is luxuriously soft, breathable and keeps you cool, and not just when the weather is warm! I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for. It was also important to me that my designs were made in the USA, and I’m proud to say that I accomplished that. My line is cut, sewn and put together for you in sunny Los Angeles!

Deb: Which have been your most popular styles so far?

Pauline: Oh gosh, everything has done so well, but I’d say that women really seem to love the 3/4 length sleeve Simple Comfort with the round neck, the Simple V, and the Wrap Over.

Simple comfort Simple V Wrap Over

I think another reason these styles have been a big hit, aside from comfort, is that they are reasonably priced. Our line ranges from $29.95 to $ 59.95, and there's a special where when you “Buy 2 you get your 3rd FREE”.

Deb: Congratulations Pauline for seeing this idea through. These tops are a much-needed item for women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond, and yours is an interesting story that might inspire our readers who have ideas for other products for our age group. Anything else you want to add?

Pauline: I only want to say, remember the story I told you about me and the pile of clothes on the bed? While that isn’t going to happen to anyone with tops from Covered Perfectly,

I want to remove the risk factor completely! Fabulous After 40 readers get a 20% OFF on up to two items! Use the discount code FAB40 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several styles to choose from, and the discount will apply to up to two items. Or you may take advantage of the “Buy 2 get your 3rd FREE” special.

This special applies to any combination of items storewide, just add 3 items to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically. Only one of the discounts will work.

Start shopping!

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This post was sponsored by Covered Perfectly.

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