My Covered Perfectly Story

My Covered Perfectly Story


Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

Hello, I am Kimberly, and the New proud owner of Covered Perfectly. A company dedicated provide flattering, and comfortable clothing for mature women.  I love that the community of this online forum of shopping has provided lasting relationships and am excited about building new friendships along the way!




While I was going through the arduous task of moving the inventory back in-house, one of my friends was with me. I don’t know how I would have managed without her. Truth is I wouldn’t have. 

Kimberly was there every day for me, helping me sort out the inventory and get all your orders out, believe me, there was a lot. 

I was burnt out after going through all the issues revolving around COVID and I just didn’t have it in me to start over so I made the decision to close. 

Kimberly saved the day. She couldn’t face the prospect of Covered Perfectly closing after all the work I had put in to build it.  So here’s some fabulous news…She is now the proud new owner of Covered Perfectly! 

I’m very grateful to Kimberly for saving Covered Perfectly. As I’m sure you are too. I know you will love her as much as I do.  

So what am I doing? I have dual nationality, American and British so I’ve retired to Spain.  I will still be consulting but Kimberly is in charge. Please welcome Kimberly, she really has saved the day.   

Over to Kimberly… 

Hello, my name is Kimberly Charter, and I am so very excited to partner in full with Covered Perfectly.

I have been a friend of Pauline for several years, and have been involved in the background assisting in Photo Shoots and various sundry other tasks.  Working with Covered Perfectly was always such a fun environment, as it was girlfriends with girlfriends all working together to support one another. 

My background at 19 began in the fashion industry.  I was hired to be a buyer for a young contemporary clothing store.  You may have heard of it, back in the day, Contempo Casuals. I loved seeing the new fashions and fabrics and learning about the framework of retail.  Later I worked with another chain of stores, overseeing sales and marketing.  To this day I can not walk through a store without touching the fabrics and looking at the styles and colors.  I love fashion! I love clothes! I love shoes and anything that goes with making a woman feel their best. 

Pauline, built this company to focus on women of our age who would like to be comfortable and yet stylish and becoming.  Hey, I am right there with all of you.  We want to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and it is my goal to continue to avail the same quality product and customer service that she has for the past nearly 8 years.

Please join me on this new adventure