Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - While going through the reviews page on our website, I came across this one from 2014. I wanted to share it again as this is still one of most popular designs. Susan looks wonderful in it and you can too. Check out what she has to so. Over to Susan... Usually “date night” means dinner out with le monsieur at one of our local eateries, mostly casual venues. I like to dial up the girly just a notch, but not to where I look like I’m trying too hard (a misdemeanor offense in LA). I had the opportunity to review another top from Covered Perfectly, and I knew I wanted to try this one. CP-2-Top-600x819The gathers on this “Mandy” top make it a bit more feminine than just another tee, and the v-neck is low enough to be flattering, but not so low that I felt too exposed. The fabric is super soft, so it drapes nicely and feels wonderful on. CP-2-Jacket1-600x794 It’s also lightweight enough to layer easily under a jacket. The Mandy top is available in several colors. You can see all of the Covered Perfectly styles here. Covered Perfectly ships in the US and worldwide. Be sure to use code UF20 to save 20% on up to two items. After that the buy 2 get 1 free special kicks in. Only one discount can be used per order. Start Shopping!
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