Cover Up Your Menopause Belly with a Fashionable and Concealing Top - by Rebecca from Baby Boomster

Cover Up Your Menopause Belly with a Fashionable and Concealing Top - by Rebecca from Baby Boomster

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - Rebecca is a great example of how our tops work on a fuller figure. She always looks amazing and today's post is not different. I love her in the teal color, how about you?

Over to Rebecca...

I wrote a while back about the online fashion site Covered Perfectly and modeled one of their stunning cascading vests. The reason I love the site is that it specializes in the part of my body that needs the most help. . . my menopause belly. So, in this post, I’m showing off another one of their fabulous tops called The Mandy.


Mandy top in teal from Covered Perfectly

I ordered it in teal and I absolutely love the color. Being a “winter,” according to my mother who was a former color consultant, jewel tones are what make me sparkle. In fact, to honor my late mom, I wore the turquoise necklace I inherited from her in the shot above.

Most of the tops at Covered Perfectly are made with MicroModal® and Spandex. It’s a super soft, breathable, and machine washable fabric combination. I love the way it feels on my skin. If you have hot flashes, you’ll stay cool and dry. I think the color is even more gorgeous than in the picture.

Give me a V for V-neck

When it comes to tops, I prefer a V-neck or at least a scoop neck and that’s why I ordered the Mandy. That type of neckline is much more flattering for my apple body shape. In fact, I won’t even wear a tee-shirt unless it’s a V. The neckline and gathering at the bust helps to divert gazes from my belly to my boobs and cuts my broad shoulders down a notch.

Oy, what a menopause belly!

I’m determined to work off my menopause belly this year. In fact, I’m even trying out a detox to jumpstart my efforts. In the meantime, the gentle drapes of my Covered Perfectly top hide my holiday indulgences and the sleeves are the perfect length to make it even chicer.

Fashion over 50 made easy

A figure-enhancing top is always the hardest item for me to shop for but the selection at Covered Perfectly makes it easy. The site specifically focuses on mature women 40 and older, who aren’t built like toothpicks. Even better, every piece is comfortable, affordable, and made in America. You may also want to purchase a gift certificate for someone you know who would enjoy a beautiful top.

Putting it all together

I was looking for something to match with my top and was getting tired of always wearing standard black pants. Covered Perfectly specializes in tops so I found a cool pair of Amanda & Chelsea pants with a black and white diamond design and a comfy pair of black Clarks flats at Nordstrom Rack. If you want to cover up your menopause belly or hips please visit Covered Perfectly. Get a discount on 1 or 2 items using the code BB20. OR buy 2, get a 2nd free, any combination.
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