Covered Perfectly Fall Collection Photo shoot - by Barbie Holmes

Covered Perfectly Fall Collection Photo shoot - by Barbie Holmes

Note from Pauline Durban, founder of Covered Perfectly - Barbie joined our family when she joined us for the fall photo shoot. She did an amazing job as you will see by the pictures appearing on the website. Read about her experience.

Over to Barbie...

I had the privilege of joining a group of empowering midlife women for a photo shoot for the launch of Covered Perfectly’s Fall Collection.

The shoot was so much fun, new connections were made, the time flew by, and best of all was the opportunity to model each of the new fall arrivals!!

The Knotted Bottom Tops featured above are an absolute delight to wear! The Modal fabric drapes effortlessly into a flattering loose knot at the bottom.

The bell sleeves add an elegant flair. What is most exciting about the group of women who model for Covered Perfectly, is that they come back season after season to work with Pauline Durban, founder, and brain-child behind the Covered Perfectly label.

This is a testament to Pauline’s commitment to the connections and friendships she has forged with these amazing women. I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have joined the tribe!

What is so special about Covered Perfectly?

Firstly, it is the owner, Pauline Durban, who makes this brand so fabulous. This company evolved from Pauline’s own frustration with the lack of stylish, yet flattering clothing for mature women in the fashion industry. In her mind, she knew she wasn’t alone in recognizing the market was missing the reality that mature women shouldn’t have to give up fashion and style for comfort.

So Pauline set out to create her own fashion line for mature women offering both comfort AND style which flatters, covers and hugs in all the right places! And, boy does she get it right! The fabric in her designs is the softest, most luxurious fabric you’ll find. It is called MicroModal and it’s breathable like a second skin, drapes without clinging and are machine washable and soft as a dream.

Animal prints continue to dominate fashion trends this fall. What I especially love about this leopard print is its dominant neutral tone. This makes the top versatile, styling it on its own, or with pops of color. Easily pair it with jeans and flats, or dark trousers and heels to transition from day to evening.

Last year, I wrote a Covered Perfectly review featuring an outfit gifted to me by Pauline. During our conversation, I mentioned I’d be thrilled to model for her should the opportunity arise. She said she’d keep me in mind.

In this town (Los Angeles) that comment tends to be lip service, but Pauline was true to her word and she reached out to me offering a spot to be a model for the new fall arrivals. To say the least, I was ecstatic!


The photoshoot was so much fun! Lots of giggles and laughs among all the gals. Our hair and makeup artist was amazing and made us all look so glamorous. When I got home, I insisted Big Rich take me out for dinner. I wanted to continue to show off the fabulous look I had going on!


As mentioned before, animal prints are still all the rage and Pauline has brilliantly added snow leopard print tops to the collection in different styles.

These new Covered Perfectly print tops are sure to be a hit- soft, comfy, stylish and versatile. Just pick any color and style of accessory and poof, it’s a new look! Pauline graciously gifted me the v-neck, but I am also fond of the flirty Animal Print Flare Top styled below and feel it belongs in my wardrobe, too!

I am definitely going to take advantage of the buy two, get the third free incentive (in any combination)!

Covered Perfectly Models

All of the models were super friendly and engaging. Many are dear, long-time friends to Pauline. Their loyalty speaks to the “fabric” of Pauline’s character. Each model brings something unique to the experience.

A couple of ladies have been modeling professionally for decades, but never once did I feel intimidated. I watched carefully and took notes as they worked their magic in front of the camera.

The Photographer

Our accomplished photographer, Lesley Pedraza, is a veteran in the fashion industry and has experience in all sides of the business. She led us through the paces with fun, positive energy.

Working with her was a dream! Lesley’s input and directions were concise and easy to follow which made executing those modeling moves in front of the camera much easier!

This Zipper Front Top is sooo comfortable and flattering with a casual-chic style. The teal and red colors are bright and vibrant. Pauline gifted me a red version which will be “perfect” for the Holiday Season!

And, for something a bit more alluring, there is the Off The Shoulder Top. The flattering neckline is styled in such a way to barely reveal the shoulders or more bravely reveal a whole shoulder.

This is what I love about Pauline’s designs, there is that little something extra!! This style is also available in rich fall tones of violet and wine.

My lifelong dream has always been to be a model. It was a long time coming to fruition. In my late 50’s I took the plunge! My work centers mostly around lifestyle modeling so doing a fashion shoot was an absolute dream and fits “PERFECTLY” with my aspirations.

Women Supporting Women

Pauline’s motto is “women supporting women” and I am grateful to her for giving me this opportunity to live out my modeling dreams. I hope I can offer inspiration to other midlife women, by encouraging them to take that first step. It’s not too late and there is time to rewire and start something new!

There are incentives, if you buy two, you get your third free – any combination! Also, ships worldwide! To see the entire collection and to shop click here. For more information on Barbie, visit her blog, click here

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