How To Dress Comfortably On a Long-Haul Flight By Susan From Une Femme d'un Certain Age

Note from Pauline Durban, founder and president of Covered Perfectly - Susan is sharing packing for travel. She gives some great tips and is taking her Covered Perfectly top with her. She actually had it shortened and it look very cute. Read all about it.

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Dressed to Fly...

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Or, “comfortable airport style” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron… I’m just back from New York, and in less than two weeks (!!!) we’re off to Japan. From LA to NY it’s usually about 6 hours gate-to-gate, and from here to Tokyo, it’s closer to a 12-hour flight. I thought I’d show you the types of pieces I’d normally wear for longer flights, and share some of my tips for looking put-together while maintaining maximum comfort. royal-blue-fit-and-flare-1 A lot of ink has been spilled about how people dress (or don’t) to fly these days. I’m all about comfort but I still believe that comfort doesn’t have to be sloppy. Granted, I can understand the “why bother” attitude when flying these days can feel not much different from being packed into a sardine can. But I also believe that we “create the quality of our own experience” and that looking and feeling smart and put-together improves my travel experience.
  • Shoes. I don’t like to wear sandals for travel days, even during warm seasons. For one thing, who wants to walk barefoot through airport security if you’re asked to remove your shoes? And I find that the floor of airplane cabins can get cold and am much more comfortable with closed shoes and usually some hosiery. (If you don’t want to wear a full sock, these shoe liners are brilliant.) Your feet can swell during a long flight, so take that into account when choosing travel day shoes. You may have to walk quite a distance to and from your gate, so I’d suggest sticking with a low-heeled shoe.
  • Knits. I love knit tops and pants for travel. Look for fabrics that breathe and won’t wrinkle. Above I’m wearing the Covered Perfectly Fit and Flare top, which is made from their super soft micromodal fabric. (This one was gifted from Covered Perfectly, and I did have it shortened just a little bit. Taller women, I think you’ll be happy with the length of these tops.) It’s so soft and stretchy it feels like wearing pajamas! The pants are my trusty Eileen Fisher stretch crepe pants, which can go straight from your arrival gate to dinner. I always avoid wearing anything too tight or constricting on a long flight.
  • Layers. During cooler months I’d probably include another layer or two, but this time of year it’s mostly just during the flight that I get cold. Cashmere is always a good bet; it’s not only warm, but lightweight, non-bulky and breathes. Here I’ve included a lightweight cotton scarf that I’ll drape around my neck once I get into the airport’s air-conditioned interiors. And then a cashmere cardigan or poncho to ward off the cabin chill during the flight.
  • Accessories. Don’t bother to wear a lot of metal jewelry; you’ll just have to remove it to get through airport security anyway. Keep it in your carry-on, and put on once you land. I usually don’t wear much makeup on travel days (just some tinted sunscreen), as I like to be able to freshen up and add moisturizer throughout the flight. If time allows, I might touch up my brows and apply some mascara and lipstick before we land. Out of consideration for those sitting close by, I skip fragrance until after disembarking.
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