How to Dress to Hide Your Tummy - By Ginger Burr

Ginger Burr, President of Total Image Consultants and author of ‘That’s So You!’, helps women create a wardrobe they love by connecting with their inner essence. She’s been interviewed by Worth Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg Business Week. This article has been reprinted with Ginger's permission, enjoy...
How to Dress to Hide Your Tummy Without a doubt, the #1 question I get from women seeking advice about their wardrobes is, “My body has shifted and I no longer have a defined waist. How do I dress my new body, hide my tummy and still feel like I look great?”
Sound familiar? I promise you do not have to feel relegated to baggy tent-like tops or wear massive amounts of shape wear to trim your tummy. There are great styles available to camouflage and still feel comfortable and attractive. And, as a recent guest on the ‘Mass Appeal’ (daily lifestyle program) TV show I was able to go relatively in-depth (at least for television – they actually allocated 6 minutes which is an amazingly long segment in TV time) for me to address this subject. They must have known it’s a hot topic! Here’s your chance to discover the 7 tips for dressing to hide your tummy and still feel great about how you look. The third women's top featured in the video is the Mandy design from Covered Perfectly. Click here to check it out.
There are also many prints to choose from, as well as ruched designs.
Thank you Ginger for including us, we feel very honored!
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Ginger in the "Mandy" design, featured in the video
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